Isn’t that a bit ironic? For why would love have a season? Shouldn’t it be everyday? Shouldn’t it be the best turn of our daily existence?

More than timing, perhaps the phrase refers to the ebbs and flows of what we do in that line, that line between the years of one’s birth and death. The line that was tripping up Puck (Glee).

Glee just aired it’s 3rd episode, saying goodbye to Finn, the beloved singer-quarterback, played by the late Corey Monteith. Though am not a big fan, I grieve for his passing. At 19? Who wouldn’t feel the loss for someone dying so young, so promising? Someone passing away at the height of his season of love?

And although I am quite confident that our David will not fall prey to the temptations and struggles that Cory heartbreakingly could not come out of, I sometimes worry of elements beyond anyone’s control when he travels…

So I pray for him as am sure the rest of the Archies do. And pray for some more for others as well. Pray for more love flows than ebbs…


Another David-Corey Connection

Glee’s opening number was that song from the play Rent, Season of Love. Interestingly enough, it was also performed during Season 7’s Idol Gives Back. So aside from the David-Corey moment during TCA 2009, this is another connection for them 🙂

AIS7 Idol Gives Back Season of Love (starts @ 2:46)

Glee’s Season of Love – Corey Monteith Tribute

It is evident that in David’s world, love is not seasonal. He lives it and gives it out as often as he can. Corey seems to be the same.

Rest in peace, Corey. And David, when you get back, you better get ready for more lovin’!
~ JR
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