It all began here, at the American Idol Finale, when David sang Apologize with One Republic. David’s smooth whiskey voice against the crystal falsetto of Ryan Tedder was the first time we really got to hear David sing with someone outside of the AI contestants. Right from the beginning we see that David knows how to be a singing partner, modulating his voice to fit in with that of the other person, never trying to “take over the stage.”

Over the course of the next four years, David sang duets with the ease at which he sang solo. Always blending his voice with that of his singing partner, he makes the perfect compliment to both male and female voices. Below is a little walk through David’s duet history.

April 2009 – with Miley Cyrus as Hanna Montana – I Wanna Know You

September 2009 – David and Kendra – To Be With You

November 2009 – David and Lupe Archuleta – Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

February 2010 – David and Jordin Sparks

And the next night:

July 2010 – David and Pete Astudillo – Como La Flor

October 2010 – David and Lupe Archuleta – A Puro Dolor

November 2010 – David and Charice – Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas:

November 2010 – David and Orla Fallon – Silent Night

April 2011 – David and Landon Pigg -Sound of Silence

December 2011 – David and Jeff LeBlanc – Waiting on the World To Change

February 2012 – David and Ogie and Regine.   – Nandito Ako – (not strictly a duet)

March 2012 – David and Libbie Linton – Don’t Give Up – although not a live performance, this is surely the best duet of all

It is likely that some were missed – Please add any others you find in the comments below.