I love reading the girls at Snarky Archies, especially when they catapult into ODD orbit. Beauty. Hilarity. Entertainment. David inspires people toward many things, and in reading a portion of sabrina’s latest, I got the distinct sense that she had crossed a literary line… With apologies, I have taken the liberty of reformatting the section of her prose that lifted itself off the page and floated before my eyes as poetry.

(i have a theory about david.
it’s not really a theory, actually,
or maybe it is,
i don’t know.

the thing is, he constantly gets me off guard.
it’s annoying and wonderful, and
i blame it on my inability to multitask.
david’s attractions are threefold, you see,
and i never learned how to juggle.

there’s the part where he’s so adorable
you have to believe he’s a hologram;
the part he’s so talented
you have to believe he’s a machine;
and the part he’s so decent, kind and good-person-y,
you have to believe he’s the second coming.

if i’m barely dealing with one of the points of this triangle,
you can bet your ass
he’ll go ahead
and decide to slay me with another.

example –
he is playing A Thousand Miles
and i am embarrassingly on the verge of tears
it is just too much.

And then mid-song he asks
if someone in the audience is okay,
because as a performer on stage
that is completely his concern
and not security’s.

and then,
to round it out
and use everything in his arsenal,
he goes and proves he’s too cute to exist,
stopping the performance
so he can readjust the peddles.

you’re a ****, david.
i hate you so much words fail me.)