three-davids-2Mr. Archuleta, a few weeks ago, it was suggested here on TDC that the song Candy Man, made famous by Sammy Davis, Jr., fit your public persona. Well OK, but rather, …ummmm. No. Not for me. For me, the lyrics are too sweet. Too cliché. Too rainbowy. You are much more….oh, something else.

Inspired, I moseyed off in search of another song to describe you. Click, listen. No. Click, listen. No. Click, yes, but….not quite. And so it continued, for hours, for days. I admit that looking for songs is an enjoyable proposition, so no complaints here; and there were dozens of songs that fit you. But I found myself in a familiar song-choice-fairytale …one too hot, another too corny, then too mature, or too banal; nothing seemed just right. I began to empathize with the difficulty inherent in song choice. It’s harder than it looks. This was my one chance to describe you and I wanted to get it right.

My one chance. That was the problem. You cannot be described in one song, with one chance. You have too many layers. So I did what any self-respecting music lover would do…… I chose them all. Some I chose because I enjoyed the title, some for the lyrics, others for the melody or the glory notes; some for the rhythm or the vibe. A couple I chose just because I want you to sing them, others because I wanted you to dedicate them to special folks. But each expressed some aspect of you that I see, or would like to see more often.

picture-124A “series.” That is what I needed. A series. Then I could share them all. So today, with little fanfare from anyone but me, I roll my own drum and post entry number one in the Songs in the Key of David series. I have added a short explanation of what I see as fitting about it and why I like it. It has no special significance because it is first. I needed to start somewhere.

I will offer that a fun, cool vibe and the title were essential components of this entry. Lately David, I am digging you when you are cool and yearning. The profound angst, the deep soul, the soaring vocals — they’ll appear in songs to come. For this one, I can’t resist the title and the vibe, and it was written and originally performed by artists close to my heart. I imagine you might get rid of the brass in your version, I know you are not fond of trumpets, but what the heck. Finally, being the first, I will dedicate this song to none other than Silverfox, the TDCer who first brought me out of lurkdom. Don’t know if she will like it, but I thought of her when I thought of it. I hope you like it. picture-84

~ We at TDC think it will be fun if our readers join in the series by sending song ideas through the Contact page. Include a short description of why you picked the song and we will post them in the series and have a grand time debating them. Our own version of “a song of the day” in the “Arts & Archutainment” section. I look forward to the discussion thread. What do you think? fitting? or not?


The Fever
Written by Bruce Springsteen
Performed by Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes

[audio: Fever.mp3] Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes - The Best of Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes - The Fever Buy on

When I get home from my job I turn on my T.V.
But I can’t keep my mind on the show
When I lay down at night, oh I can’t get no sleep
So I turn on my radio
But the only sound I hear is you whisperin’ in my ear
The words that you used to say
Now my days grow longer
‘Cause my love grows stronger
And the fever gets worse
And I’ve got the fever for love

Got the fever, oh I’ve got the fever
Nothing that a po’ boy can do
When he’s got the fever for love
Got the fever, oh I’ve got the fever
Left this little boy blue

I can remember comin’ home and standin’ at the stove
With the dishes on the table
Dinner ready to go
Maybe on out to a movie show
Something that I’d like to see
Well, now, you are my sun in the morning
And my moon at night
I think about you baby
I feel all right
Now my days grow longer
As my love grows stronger
And the fever gets worse
And I’ve got the fever for love

Got the fever, oh I’ve got the fever
Nothing that a po’ boy can do
When he’s got the fever for love
Got the fever, oh I’ve got the fever
Left this little boy blue

I can remember comin’ home and standin’ at the stove
With the dishes on the table
Dinner ready to go
Maybe on out to a movie show
Something that I’d like to see
Well, now, you are my sun in the morning
And my moon at night
I think about you baby
I feel all right
Now my days grow longer
As my love grows stronger
And the fever gets worse
And I’ve got the fever for love

There ain’t nothing I can do
Sure left this little boy blue
Oh I’ve got the fever baby
I’ve got the fever for you.


  1. silverfox

    happy! You know me so well! Never met me..but still you know me! 😀

    Love the Blues! Love Springsteen’s lyrics! And Oh yeah! I can picture David singing The Fever after that impromtu intro to WFM in Reno. Perfect!

    I do got The Fever! Does is show?? But then again, I’m not alone, am I? 😉

  2. pabuckie

    I agree -- David really needs to do a bluesy, soul song and he will ROCK THE HOUSE and KNOCK THE SOCKS off of everyone there! haha I’ve got the fever…too!

  3. marlie7

    happy: I love this bluesy sound for David. Like SF, the improvisational intro to WFM in Reno gave me a view into David that I had thought was there, but hadn’t seen. Now, I’m going to be spending days, too, looking for a song that fits -- in one category or another.

  4. joner

    Happy -- Wooooo Boy, this is gonna be fun! I don’t even like Springsteen *ducks* but this is a cool song that would be even greater if “The Voice” sang it.

    David has ruined me. I can’t even listen to a song anymore without wondering how it would sound if he sang it.

    I’m doomed…but in a GOOD way.

  5. desertrat

    Looking forward to the “song of the day” entries--great idea! As for the blues, until now, I never associated David with that genre.

  6. bluebarsa

    Love this thread!! I’m feverishly scanning YouTube for songs by Johnny Mathis that have lyrics applicable to David. Among my favorites, of course, are all the well-known hits:

    Chances Are
    The Twelfth of Never

    But, I came across a song that may or may not fit David’s persona but it has one of the most exquisite “glory” notes at the end! I can HEAR David!!

    “Pieces of Dreams” sung by Johnny Mathis on the Tonight Show in 1978.
    Some of you may be familar with this because it has also been recorded by other power voices -- Barbra Streisand and Shirley Bassey.

    Many of the recent comments posted on this video could easily apply to David. Here is one by Flagday45:

    “all his fans adore him….I’ve always thought he has the finest voice ever -- better than Sinatra or any of the other classic singers….his voice is a gift and as a person he is very humble and once he sings a song, it belongs to him.”

    Since I loved Johnny Mathis from my teen years, I still totally and whole-heartedly agree! Yet, now, there is DAVID who has, without a doubt, captured my heart and sings like no other. Although David will take any song and make it his own, I think the best lyrics that describe him come from and, in the future, will be those written by David himself.

  7. HopeUDance2

    Wow, just had to comment on this Johnny Mathis video. Do you realize he held that last note for a full minute(from 4:04 to 5:04)!! Amazing! Love him. With David’s partial vocal paralysis I’m not sure he could hold a note that long. But he is so good at so many different genres it really doesn’t matter. I don’t post much but I do come here everyday. Love this place.

  8. silverfox

    bluebarsa,..I, too admired Mathis. I think all David has to do is “hear” a song once and he can sing it, and if he “feels” it, he can make it his own. I think that’s the key that makes David so unique. He can sing anything, but if he feels the song emotionally…well, we’ve all heard what he can do. Though Mathis has a beautiful voice, I’ve never seen him REALLY get into a song like David does. Mathis stays here..whereas David actually leaves this plane and goes to what seems like another dimension…for someone so young, it’s a beautiful sight to watch and listen as David takes us to where we have rarely, if ever gone before.

    hopeUDance, I do think David can hold a note longer than we’ve witnessed so far. He has some very strong lungs as we’ve witnessed when he jumps and is able to sing on key at the same time..who else can do that? As for the paralysis..he is fully recovered from that. In fact, his voice has never been stronger it seems, no doubt strengthened from the almost nightly know, “use it or lose it” analogy. He used to do “voice rest” during the AI tour, but I haven’t seen him doing that at all since the beginning of his solo tour. If he can keep from ever getting bronchitus, his voice can only get better and stronger. All JMO, of course.

    As for what song I would love to hear David sing…Like joner, every song I hear that I like, I would LOVE to hear David sing it..I listen to ALL genres..and I KNOW David can sing all is music is music..if it has a melody, David can sing it. 😀

  9. blisskasdan

    David has already shown that he can take a classic song, give it the “Archuleta touch”, and poof, out comes a whole new, current, and best version of that song. And, David doesn’t play around. “Imagine”, by John Lennon? How dare a 17 year old kid think he can do justice to that anthem. The result was TV history, and caused the loudest buzz ever on American Idol. “Love Me Tender” by Elvis? Is he kidding? No one touches that song. Well, the song was “touched” by David and became, imho, the best single performance ever on AI. There has never been a song sung by David that was not the best version of that song. Elton John, Billy Joel, Neil Diamond, Dolly Parton,
    etc. all were blessed by having David raise their great songs to unheard of levels. Even David’s favorite current singer, Jason Mraz, cannot compete with David in singing “I’m Yours”, a fact that would have been obvious had David joined him onstage at this year’s AI finale. The list continues to grow, but David does not “steal” these songs. He has the greatest respect for the songs and the artists, and his magnificent renditions of these songs ooze that respect. With that in mind, here are a few classics that I would love to be given the “Archuleta touch” :

    “Since I Fell For You” -- Lenny Welch

    “Now and Forever”- Carole King

    “Shower the People”- James Taylor

    “You’ll Never Walk Alone” Richard Rogers

    “This Boy”- The Beatles

    “The Wonder of You” Elvis

  10. bluebarsa

    SF #8 -- Your are correct. As much as I love Johnny Mathis’ classic voice, it is David’s voice -- coupled with his emotion -- that truly leaves us with those sterling aural and visual impressions. He does go to another place in song and takes us with him. There is no better a compliment to him as an artist -- for isn’t that David’s goal after all?

    HopeUDance2 #7 -- I got a chuckle out of your comment concerning the length of that last note. Although I think it is only held for like ~30 seconds…its impact lasted in my senses! I undoubtedly thought it a longer note, too, as it was still in my head right through the applause at the end of the video. But, then again, I was hearing David. 🙂

  11. Angelica


    You, my friend, are brilliant. Brilliant, brilliant, bah-ril-yunt! For one thing, your writing skills are superb! It just flows like you’re speaking casually and yet is so tightly crafted. You make it seem easy and that is no easy task at all. Well done.

    For another thing, this idea rocks! You have given us all something fascinating to ponder and nourish our ODD on. David + songs we love = bliss! Ahhhhh. What a delicious ongoing topic to discuss and dream about! And to have come up with a post that is a continuing work in progress is simply inspired!

    I love the song you yourself selected. Bluesy “cool and yearning” David ala Reno WFM singing, “Got the fever, oh I’ve got the fever.” Are you trying to kill us? I can think of some worse ways to go. haha. Yeah. This is going to be fun!

  12. Bebereader


    This is a brilliant idea! Brilliant! Finally, we have a place to make suggestions for songs we would like David to sing. Like most of David’s fans, I carry his voice with me wherever I go and when I hear a song on the radio, I try to substitute David’s voice. I’m getting pretty good at this new skill! LOL But now we can ‘put them down on paper’ on the contact page. This is such a good idea, happy. But wait, I noticed that some people have already put their suggestions in their reply. Hmm.

    There are a few songs I can think of right now, but I’m going to hold my thoughts on song choices while compiling my list. I’m so excited for this post I can hardly stand it!

    Bliss: I’m a huge fan of R&H’s music. “You’ll Never Walk Alone” is one of the most inspirational songs ever written, IMHO. Hearing David sing it would be EPIC!

  13. pabuckie

    Although David has already sung this song, albeit when he was only a mere 13, this song is one of his most MOVING pieces to me.

    “NATURE BOY”. When I listen to him and the way he is singing this at only 13 I can only imagine what this would sound like NOW ON STAGE! God help us, and the visual too (HIS LOOKS SINGING THIS!!) He would look well…..I think I’d be melting on the floor.

  14. vermeer

    angelofdja! You’ve been quoted somewhere in cyberspace other than TDC! Thought I’d let you know. Here’s the link, though I saw it originally at Snarkies:

    Hey, sorry in advance for complaining (again) but it’s really confusing when you got two threads going (never mind that one’s newer as the other is still on-going as far as comments) and essentially the same people are “visiting” this beautiful mansion at any one time. I’m going back and forth just trying to figure out where to post my comment. I prefer one place for comments, needless to say. JMHO.

  15. Abrra

    blisskasdan . May 26, 2009 at 11:35 am .

    Nice to see you posting !

    I agree Since I fell For You is one of my all time fav songs. So smooth!


  16. Angelica

    This is just off the top of my head, but how about,


  17. refnaf

    happy, Ditto to this being a brilliant idea….your first pick, very nice.
    Ditto to joner, “David has ruined me. I can’t even listen to a song anymore without wondering how it would sound if he sang it” I’m thinking rock ballad… off to find one….

  18. Abrra

    Anyone help me out again ? I need the order of David’s songs on AI. I am working on a project…

    happy, I am thinking…………


  19. djafan

    happy -- what a great idea and a difficult one at the same time. Had never heard this song….nice laid back feel to it…

    David is so many different things in so many different levels, but this is going to be fun. It looks like people are posting their choices here…Is that ok? or do you want them through the contact page?

    Now to think hard and do some fun research.

    Hey Bliss- nice to see you post. What a list!

  20. Abrra

    Thanks Marlie.

    I figured out how to change the order of THINGS………editing now


  21. marlie7

    Abrra: Imagine that!

  22. happy

    hi all,
    glad you all like the series idea. It is funny… it is impossible to choose just one. As with most feature posts this post will remain up a day or two. Then it will migrate to the Arts and Archutainment category on the main page. We will post the series directly to that category. Submit your song ideas through the contact page, or directly to me at and we will post them. Don’t forget to include the lyrics and a short description of why you are highlighting the song…hoping we can get a song a day..shouldn’t be a problem, as we know all songs can be made to fit David, lol.

    Now about The Fever…this song has been a longtime favorite of mine…when I’m in a feverish mood. It’s a mood song, not a message song, lol. It’s not about the vocal range but about the feeling and the vibe. I think David has the ability to create a really cool and earthy vibe when he sings, when he wants to. desertrat, I think of David as very bluesy and very powerful and capable of communicating great emotion in his songs… rock is about freedom and power; blues about raw emotion and self expression. ..that is why for me bluesy rock is one genre that would fit him.

    I love when he sings softly and in his lower register and then creates drama in the end of the song by improvising….blues also repeats lyrics to allow for that desired improvisation; a unique present each time you hear it, an element of David’s singing that I so enjoy. Songs like this offfer tons of opportunities to change it up. I doubt he’ll ever go this bluesy rock route… but I’d love it if he brought a little touch of it along with him. I do think he would not use the horns in his version and he would probably sing it slower and softer…oh my. We’ve yet to really hear what David Archuleta the artist has to say, and it seems we may have to wait even beyond the 2nd album. Right now, I can still dream he might incorporate a bit of this, can’t I?

  23. djafan

    Kinna Grannis to open for David in Del Mar

    Sat, June 20th :: 7PM
    Opening for David Archuleta at the San Diego Fair
    2260 Jimmy Durante Blvd.
    Del Mar, CA 92014
    Buy tickets here
    Notes: All Ages.

    The guitar sings in her hands and her voice cuts through the room. Her lyrics tell a story, spill out emotions, and confront the eccentricities of life. Kina’s ability to parallel the delicate nuances of her melodies with poignant observations on life, love and the many uses of pennies is superseded only by her transcendent voice, which rivals that of many of today’s popular musicians.

  24. djafan

    She’s pretty good.. I like her better than his solo tour opener…forgot her name.

    Would’ve like only David but if he has to have an opener…

  25. djafan

    Press release received today:

    To celebrate and recognize National Multiple Sclerosis Day, Cyprus Credit Union will be presenting a $50,000.00 check tonight, donated by Cyprus members, to the MS Society of Utah. Accepting the check will be recording star David Archuleta, who is noted for his work on behalf of MS.

    David will arrive at Cyprus’s headquarters (3876 W Center View Way in West Jordan, directly behind Jordan Landing) at 5:30 for a small reception that will run until the main event begins at 6:30. This would be a great time for your news crew to have a casual meet and greet with David and the people from the MS Society. At 6:30 a large number of invited guests will have gathered at our corporate building for the check presentation.

  26. LittleM

    Hey Guys!

    I am going to have to think about this one to come up with the right song. In the meantime, Jeff tweeted today:

    helped daniel get the new gear working so he and david can start recording their song demos, got a really cool usb mic, cheap but adequate
    about 7 hours ago from web

    Hmm I don’t know you guys….to me, this sounds like it’s not just brothers messing around together in a studio. This sounds to me like Jeff is helping Daniel launch his career simultaneously with David working on his new album demos.

    Frankly, I wish David would work on his album with Mike Krompass in his studio in Nashville. IMO, a “cheap but adequate” mic is not good enough for D!

  27. angelofdja

    Thanks for letting me know about that.
    I rarely speak, but I felt pretty strongly about the whole AI thing David experienced. The show may NEVER give David his well deserved respect. Shows their ignorance.

  28. djafan

    Littlem --

    Hmm I don’t know you guys….to me, this sounds like it’s not just brothers messing around together in a studio. This sounds to me like Jeff is helping Daniel launch his career simultaneously with David working on his new album demos.

    Frankly, I wish David would work on his album with Mike Krompass in his studio in Nashville. IMO, a “cheap but adequate” mic is not good enough for D!

    My exact sentiments….David has earned through hard work the best to produce the best….Mike is my choice.

  29. LittleM

    Hmmm….I also just read that Kris Allen’s label has been switched…he is now going with JIVE…and rumor has it JIVE wants to sign Alison as well. Wonder what implications this might have for D…

  30. LittleM

    djafan -- These Idol signings by Jive have me a little concerned. I truly hope that David will not be working on his demos, etc. on that cheap but adequate mic in Murray, UT. After his well-deserved R&R, I would love to see him head to one of the music capitals (L.A., NY, Nashville)and base himself there while he puts together his new album. IMO, he needs to keep himself out there and his name top-of-mind with the industry movers and shakers.

    Rascal, what say you???

  31. marlie7

    LittleM: “helped daniel get the new gear working so he and david can start recording their song demos, got a really cool usb mic, cheap but adequate about 7 hours ago from web”

    Okay, how about a different take on this…song demos are not for songs David will sing, but for songs he and Daniel are writing that they want someone else to sing. I can go with that -- some writing as a team and seeing where that might go.

    As long as David focuses on his own writing for his own singing/recording with seasoned writers. He deserves it and will learn a lot.

  32. LittleM

    marlie -- I hope that is the case. I don’t know though!

    You know, I’m not worried for David. Long term, I think he’ll always have a career in music. I just hope decisions are being made to give him the very best opportunity to make it in pop right now. You know what they say, you have to strike while the iron is hot!

  33. marlie7

    I just twittered Jeff and asked him “So what are David and Daniel going to work on together? Is it demos of songs they are jointly writing?”

    What the heck -- might as well ask as sit here and speculate.

  34. LittleM

    heehee Marlie! You have to let us know what he says 😀

  35. marlie7

    Of course! 😉

  36. betsy

    Happy, re: Your project.

    I was halfway kidding when I suggested that song (contact page).
    Maybe I needed an excuse to watch that video again. PLEASE don’t seriously consider that as an entry!!! People will think I’m a hormonal idiot.
    Maybe in 5 years.

  37. vermeer

    angelofdja #28, it always warms my heart to see so many David fans commenting on various sites, sometimes almost all comments are for David exclusively, haha even if the articles cover a bunch of other people too! His fans are the most ardent, avid, dedicated and invested fans ever, it seems like. I love it!

    Another thing that’s cool is that according to, “fans of David Archuleta are well-networked”. I kind of like the sound of that. Even with the occasional negative criticisms that certain fans post about fellow fans and/or fan sites, all in all there is mutual respect shown for each other. It is great testament to David’s character as a person.

    Happy, great article. I only wish I were more of a music connoisseur. But I learn a great deal from others’ thoughts and musings.

    As far as my “complaining” about having more than one place to comment, I want to add that if I didn’t love TDC as much as I do, I wouldn’t be worrying or caring that I might be missing some great comments from our regular and sometimes new/delurker posters. So I guess I just have to resign to having to make that extra effort every now and then by having one more window open. I already have so many windows open, Ack!! David look what you make me do!

  38. blisskasdan

    Sorry if I’ve been a tad scarce lately. I’m always “here” and loving David is fully part of my very being. David should record a CD similar to that of Barry Manilow. How about a box set of classics from the “50s,’60s and’70s? Some Do Wop anthems like “In the Still of the Night”, “Could This Be Magic”, “Tonight, Tonight” or “Maybe” would be great.

  39. River

    I’d like to hear David’s take on Tears for Fears “Mad World”. Every time I heard Adam sing it I wondered how David would interpret it. Haunting melody.

  40. angelofdja

    I have always said,(especially regarding TDC’ers) that Davids’ fans are a classy group. Just like him. I would love to see this “class” spread to every corner of the World!
    (I’m such a dreamer)!

  41. tawna21

    How would ‘La Bamba’ by Ritchie Valens sound done by David? I think he could definitely give it a new life.

    Yeah River--Hearing David’s take on “Mad World” would be interesting. It really does have a haunting melody and he could mesmerize, and probably hypnotize, us with it.

    bliss--for realz--‘In the Still of the Night’--wow! one of the all-time best slow dance songs. Imagine David hanging onto the mic stand for that one!

    I do think David could swing some bluesy type songs--he has the ability to re-work things so well that he could really make them his own “blues style”.

  42. beebee

    Tawna, you “think David could swing some bluesy type songs???” lol. Honey, he could swing it, wring it, rock it, smack it, slice it, dice it, chicken-fry it, and serve it up with a cherry on top. (IMO,heh)

    I’d love to hear him take on Try A Little Tenderness (I cannot find my fave recording of that so I’m not putting a link in.)

    Would ALSO love to hear him do this:

    Would die and go to heaven if he got his vocal chord (et al, lol) on that baby.

    (In fact I have fantasies of David hangin’ in Nawlins, jammin’ with the Nevilles. Not gonna lie.)

    And Bliss, after Shop Around, I kept imagining just how much fun “The Shoop Shoop Song” would be. I distinctly remember Brett Hales wanting to hear him do that one, too.

    ALL lotsa fun to think about.

  43. beebee

    OH… forgot to say…

    Happy, what a fun post. (BTW, was it you or TOFan who found the Joe Cocker thing? Whomever it was…HILARIOUS! Lyrics Mystery Solved. LOL)

    {{{Vermeeer}}} I get lost, too.

  44. marlie7

    beebee: I was thinking of Aaron Neville songs, too, for David.

    Is there anything that David really couldn’t do? I suppose he’d look a little funny doing extremely urban rap 🙂

  45. vermeer

    Hi beebee!!! *wave* Thanks for the Aaron(?) Neville video! I love soulful stuff myself. After I attended the AI Tour concert in San Jose, I read that David has an uncle who lives in the Bay Area (Livermore) and the uncle was quoted as saying that we have not really seen what David is capable of. If the intro to WFM he did in Reno was a glimpse of what the uncle was thinking of, I can’t wait!!

  46. LittleM

    Did you guys happen to see what Jeff just tweeted?

    I’m sorry, but this is creeping me out. I wonder if this is a fake twitter account that Daniel or someone else created? I mean, is he really tweeting to the world that David just had his first kiss? Why would a dad know? This has to be fake.

  47. LittleM

    HIs real first kiss at least. Hopefully these gay rumors will die down now. He is definitely NOT gay and this further verifies that.
    less than a minute ago from web

    ARRRRGGGHHHH!!!!!! Jeff seriously???!?!

  48. desertrat

    I believe someone has hacked Jeff’s acct. Perhaps they all need to shut down their accts for now.

  49. happy

    WTF??? this will certainly start a firestorm… can’t be real…if it is ….holy crap, you’ve got to be kidding me.. either I belong on another planet or he does.

  50. daffyfordavid

    Did you see what he replied when I said surely he was not telling something so private about David to the Twitter world? He said No Biggie. I wonder how David feels about the announcement. I’m just saying….

  51. happy

    can’t be real…now he is referencing David’s sexual orientation!!!!!!!!! WTFFFFFFF?????????

  52. LittleM

    thank God you guys are here, I thought I was talking to myself! Where is Rascal???!?! Code Red!

    Seriously, if Jeff Archuleta typed those messages, he is officially the creepiest father EVER. Sorry if I am out of line, but this is PRIVATE and some of these statements are just…I have no words. Poor David.

  53. LittleM

    happy -- WTF????????!!!!

    Yeah, maybe his Twitter was hacked by one of those nasty sites? I seriously hope…

  54. LittleM

    I wonder if this is one of the kids impersonating the dad. How did we find the twitter? Daniel told people about it.

    You know it’s so strange. David is so mellow, nice, accepting, and it seems that there are people in his circle who are somewhat spiteful and like to leak personal things about him to the fans, true or not. I don’t get it.

  55. happy

    let’s keep the gossip to a minimum…. stick with the public twitter, which i am ready to lynch him for….

    the whole thing is nuts….

    can’t believe it is Jeff…

  56. desertrat

    i agree happy. feel free to delete my comment #55.

    on a happier note, david sang happy birthday to someone today.
    rel="nofollow ugc">

  57. daffyfordavid

    I think the account has been hacked…

  58. LittleM

    To much craziness for me tonight. Happy, would you mind deleting my last 2 comments (at least)? I fear I spammed the thread. Apparently it was confirmed to be a hack job. Oh well- crisis averted I guess? Nite all…

  59. desertrat

    happy, thx for removing my comment. per the snarkies, the account was hacked. it does make one wonder what type of person would sit back and do something like this. good night everyone.

  60. fandaforeverti48

    SF#8 -- You probably won’t see this (as I always come on here way past your bedtime) but HAD to reply because it moved me beyond belief. “…..David actually leaves this plane and goes to what seems like another dimension…for someone so young, it’s a beautiful sight to watch and listen as David takes us to where we have rarely, if ever gone before.”

    That last line is IT. Now I know -- what it is, exactly!

  61. davidfanLIZ

    desertrat #57 -- That wasn’t just anyone that David sang happy birthday to, it was Cindy Hales, Brett Hales’ lovely wife. Thanks for the link -- that was fabulous!

  62. marlie7

    Wow, his voice was just gorgeous! Thanks for the link!

  63. Abrra

    LittleM . May 26, 2009 at 7:30 pm .

    I read the tweets by Jeff and Daniel regarding the studio. My take on this is that it’s going to be a convenience for David in his early songwriting experience. Like having a 2nd car for snowy days. It won’t be his main work studio. For Daniel it will be heaven sent!

    I don’t look for ways to worry about David. We have let him do his thing.


  64. Abrra

    blisskasdan . May 26, 2009 at 9:26 pm .

    Goosbumps! I have all those Barry Mainlow cd’s. Glad you are posting more!


  65. Abrra

    I woke up to the fake Jeff tweets. I am going to have a smile on my face all day! Glad I wasn’t here to see them in real time! Hacker is educating Jeff on maybe laying low where David’s career is concerned?

    Abrra the morning SPAMMER

  66. silverfox

    David’s leaving SLC for Greensboro NC right about now..

    Message to David:

    Have a safe flight David! We know you’ll keep in touch. Tweet an SOS if you need help..never know what’s creepin’ around the corner…Will exhale when you get BACK to Utah! 😀

  67. hell0g0rge0us

    Good morning everyone! Just catching up on all the Jeff twitter drama rama.

    What’s going through my head is: why does Jeff even have a twitter account? David keeps the fanbase informed enough with his own tweets.

    Just saying…

    Have a great day, everyone! 🙂

  68. freofan

    Getting on Twitter is bad news. Anyone with good IT knowledge can hack an account. Looks like they are learning some good lessons.

  69. desertrat

    The moderator of the Bring Back Da Beat blog is a huge Archie. In reference to a clip s/he has of Ruben Studdard:

    “He sang a bit of “The Long & Winding Road,” which was good, but only reminded me of David Archuleta’s far superior version.”

    If you go to the link, scroll down a little and the clip is on the left. Actually, I thought Ruben sounded very good but yes, David’s is superior.

  70. silverfox

    I don’t know where everyone’s at…seems like the “Rapture” happened and I was left behind..figures!

    Anyway, here’s a few songs I’d like to hear David sing.
    Some of these are really golden oldies…

    Superstar by Luther

    Easy To Be Hard by Three Dog Night

    Surrender by Elvis

    Hello It’s Me by Todd Rudgren

    Dream Lover by Bobby Darin

    Smoke Gets In Your Eyes by the Platters

    Ain’t No Sunshine When You’re Gone..yeah I know Kris just did this one and he was good..But David would..OH MY, can’t even think about it!

    I Just Called To Say I love You by Stevie (David gifted us with a snippet of this when he CALLED everyone on his mobile line for Valentine’s day and I melted!)

    And sooooo many more! These just happened to come up on my I-pod in the last hour. I have all genres of rhime or reason for what I listen to. 😀

  71. desertrat

    I believe #71 Silverfox hacked my iPod. 🙂

    Superstar, Easy to be Hard, and Hello It’s Me are 3 of my all time favorites. I’d love to hear David sing them too.

  72. goboywonder

    Happy, I think the title alone is profound. It would be an awesome title for the collection of David’s music one day. It could also be use for a biography. Anyway I think it’s way cool. It’s times like this I wish I were artist. I can even see a wonder painting depicting the various looks of David on the stage.

    I would love to hear David do some of MJ’s music:

    She’s Out of My Life
    Rock With You
    Lady In My Life
    Man In The Mirror
    Whatever Happens

    SF, I would also love to hear David sing Superstar. That would be just WOW!

  73. davidfanLIZ

    HG #68 Amen!

  74. silverfox

    In case anyone is interested..David landed safely in Greensboro NC a little while ago. Jeff was to join him but didn’t make it, so he’s flying directly to NYC for David’s appearance at the PC Richard & Son Theater tomorrow night.

    I sincerely HOPE David has security with him in Ray.

  75. djafan

    SF — Please let Ray be with him.

    I would love to hear David sing Smile…here are two performances I love.

    The first one starts at 1:40.

  76. Abrra

    SF Imagine that!


  77. River

    there was some talk of David covering JC Chasez “You Ruined Me” and I was so in hopes it would happen. This melody is perfect for David to run with. Especially cool because they’ve written together and JC would love it to happen.

  78. dakgal

    I would love to hear David sing There’s A Kind Of Hush by Hermans Hermits more recently by Karen Carpenter. Not savvy enough to bring it over from You Tube. I like Herman’s Hermits by far. David could definitely breathe new life into this song.

  79. betsy

    Now to reveal my secret shame:
    I love this song. I resisted but it is futile. I want David to sing it. I don’t care that it is the BSB. Even though I can’t bring myself to spell it out. That is just my inner music snob. It’s sad and beautiful. And I don’t want to be a snob anymore.

    rel="nofollow ugc">

  80. Angelica


    Beautiful song by Charles Chaplin and beautifully sung by the woman in the first video.

    Then I watched and listened to Judy Garland in the second video and it was so, so, so much more. The emotions just flooded through me and I found it hard to fight back the tears. This is why David’s music is so incredible, besides the technical ability. This is what sets him apart from everyone else. Like the incomparable Judy Garland, he feels the music in every fiber of his being, and is able to convey those feelings straight from his heart to yours.

  81. silverfox

    Whew! Ray IS with David! They just quickly left the restaurant where he did the Charity Cook-off. Next is NYC for the PC Richard & Son Theater concert tomorrow night. A 200 seat venue..couldn’t get any more intimate than that!

  82. angelofdja

    I just want to thank-you for all the updates you seem to get so quickly regarding David. Your relationship with him is sweet and I so appreciate it.
    P.S. I hope your travels across the country bring you joy and peace!

  83. silverfox

    angelofdja..thanks! That’s so sweet of you!

    David may be on his way to NYC right now instead of staying overnight in NC..but who knows? I was just happy to hear Ray was with him. I guess we can assume Ray will be David’s bodyguard for the long haul..wish he was bigger though! 😆

    Good night all! For David..

    Dear Lord,

    Please take care of David. Watch over him, protect him from all harm. Cloak him with your love and give him the strength to endure all that is thrown in his path. Give David the courage and guidance to say no to those who ask for more than he can reasonably give. Surround David with loving and supportive people who love him UNCONDITIONALLY as we, his Archangels do. Separate David from those who have agendas other than for his well being. Give him rest when he’s weary. Give him the stamina to sustain his hectic pace. Give him assurance when he feels doubt. Give him joy when he feels sad. Cloak him always in your protective arms during this time on his journey. Keep David and and his voice healthy & strong as he fulfills his Destiny which was written in his Book of Life before he was born. And please Lord, give us, David’s forever fans, the wisdom to know when and how to do right by David. Open our eyes and help us in the way we support David so that it’s always in his best interests. May his positive and good Karma continue to attract those with positive and good Karma! May he continue to encounter goodwill and happiness! May he continue to be healthy and strong wherever his journey leads him. Though we may be unworthy, we humbly pray. Amen

    David, hope you have a good night & sweet dreams. Keep with you all our love, prayers and warm thoughts! Take care and keep your cell phone with you at all times! Remember to tweet an SOS if you ever find yourself in need of help from your Archangels! We will be there for you in a flash! We will always love you madly!

    Contigo siempre con amor!

  84. kizzi

    Loved this post happy but the next thread is up before I took time to comment.

    So, I want to hear “And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going” -- I just watched again the Jenny Jones performance 6+ years ago -- great torch song and would love to see how he performs it now

    hmmm…have to think about other covers; I think I am more looking forward to what he writes and performs -- the essence of his gift, his genius as it unfolds!

    Future songs:

    Duet with Natasha Bedingfield that he, Natasha and her brother (Works for Me co-penner w/David) wrote

    Duet with Sara Barielles -- perhaps even one they wrote together -- organic/acoustic heaven!

    Great fun Happy. Thanks.

  85. rapture

    Hey guys…Boy, I don’t think I’ve been this disappointed in a long, long time! My daughter and I (finally converted her -- just enough) have been trying very hard to win tickets to David’s show tomorrow night in TriBeCa, but it just didn’t happen. We really spend a lot of time mailing in entries, calling in for the z100 give-aways and earning points online at the PC Richard site- over 600 online raffle entries combined. 🙁

    I don’t see any mention of it here. Anyone win tickets? There is a “Congratulation to the Winners…” posted on the PC Richard site and it lists just 7 partial names. One of them is Dawn. Could that be you, dawn?

    Super frustrating that you can only win tickets.

    Thanks for letting me “share” my disappointment.

  86. djafan

    Angelica -- Judy Garland gets me every time I watch that video, the tears are inevitable …. I imagine David singing this song and that alone gets me teary.

  87. goboywonder

    SF #84, “I was just happy to hear Ray was with him. I guess we can assume Ray will be David’s bodyguard for the long haul..wish he was bigger though!”

    Yes, but Ray has a pretty mean bark, very convincing I think. At least it worked in Reno. In fact, he laid it on so thick, my daughter wanted to throw a rock at him, lol. I guess he keep the skeery stalker dude away too (no news = good news I hope). Yay for Ray! But seems to he do a good job keeping David safe.

  88. Songbird70

    Rapture….Was I standing next to you in Sayerville? It’s RoseAnn….email me about tickets at if you are still awake.

  89. mbmonchi

    Lovely article Happy!

    I basically play this game in my head every time I’m in the car listening to music not by David.

    Some songs that I would LOVE to hear him sing…

    If it’s Magic – Stevie Wonder (In acappella)
    Sunday Kind of Love- Etta James
    I’ve Been Loving you too Long – Otis Redding
    Nothing Can Change this Love- Sam Cooke
    The Sweetest Gift- Sade

    Oh there are too many songs really… oh and I would love to hear him sing the full version of Joyful, Joyful!

  90. happy

    as this thread readies to move to its permanent home i hope you all will follow it…arts and archutainment…we’ve gotten 3 submissions so get to submitting and don’t forget to include the lyrics and a description of why it suits david…. see you over there…. 🙂

    entry 2 is posted.

  91. marlie7d

    I’d love to see David sing something like this -- with the same “band” and backup singers 😉

  92. silverfox

    Marlie…Foreigner’s I Want To Know What Love Is…YES!! The group is one of my favs! Perfect song for David. With that “band & b/u singers” (or w/o).

    (Another 80’s group I really loved was Journey) and how about

    Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen ( not many can do this song, but I think David could )David listed this song as one of his favs as well.

  93. Abrra

    Go here:

    Scroll past the chef pictures to the first video of Fox Utah raw footage. This reminds me David is still a kid:) i think he has a band playing in his head. he can’t focus and his arms are swinging to some other worldly tune.

    Note him saying “You mean they can see us but not hear us? Just watching us is creepy!” (paraphrase)

    eh? Did I ever do that? ME???

    I’d link it but it’s not youtube


  94. silverfox

    Abrra #94..David was completely uncomfortable. He obviously does not like to be caught off guard like that. Apparently he was not told he would be interviewed on TV. He likes to be at least a little prepared. The arms swinging was a sign, to me anyway, that he wanted to be anywhere but there. Dirty trick to make that part of the video public, IMO. Then when the “real” interview started, David changed into his interview mode. I wonder how David will feel when he sees this clip. I felt bad for him. But that’s just me. Everyone else may feel differently about it.

    Then inside..looks to me like even Brett had a very somber, unhappy (even somewhat angry) look, where he should have had a smile before he was introduced..after all, a $50,000 check for MS was something to smile big about.

    Hope everyone who was lucky enough to win tickets to tonight’s performance in NY has a super great time with David! And I bet he won’t be swinging his arms back & forth tonight cuz he’ll be on a stage..his home away from home.

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