David has been busy the past few weeks working with a number of songwriters to create songs for the next album. Some of these writers he has worked with before, and the evidence of their collaborations can be seen on the first album. Some of the writers are new.  We invite you to get to know each of these writer/collaborators better in a series of songwriter profiles.


We know the name Daniel Bedingfield from an earlier collaboration, Works for Me. Although this song was only released as a limited bonus track, it has become one of the fan favorites, perhaps partly because it includes some of David’s own story, and has a style that seems one step above the usual pop material.  David performed Works for Me for the first time live at the Sacramento Jingle Show and the excitement was palpable. This song seemed to fit David – his voice, his personality and his sense of humor.  We can only happily speculate what this team will come up with for a second offering.worksforme

Daniel Bedingfield was born in New Zealand and was raised by social worker parents in London.  He showed musical talent at an early age: writing songs at age six, rapping at age nine, composing on the keyboard at age sixteen.  He got his first major break at age eighteen with the hit, Gotta Get Thru This.

Watch the video here: Gotta Get Thru This


The song starts in an intimate style and showcases an impressive expressive range.  It then shifts dramatically into a more rhythmic, hip hop style.

oceanCareer plans were put on hold after a 2004 accident where Daniel was literally cut from the wreckage of his jeep near Auckland, New Zealand.   The accident  broke his neck and he had a metal frame bolted into his skull for three months.  Thankfully he has recovered and was able to resume his performing and writing career.  He says of his work, “I love putting out really vulnerable music that could just bite me on the ass.  There is stuff in my music that I’d literally never tell my closest friend, and yet somehow it just feels right to put it into a song and tell the entire planet.  It takes something that is ugly within yourself, some base instinct, or a pain that is really deep, and then it permits all that to enter the public consciousness.  For me it’s almost a spiritual experience.”

Daniel Bedingfield’s official site is here.

~ davidfanLIZ