Joy Williams, one of the co-writers of Waiting For Yesterday, a bonus track on the iTunes version of David Archuleta, began her musical career in Christian Music. She first signed with Reunion Records in 2001 and released three albums under the label and received numerous awards for her song target=”_blank”>Hide. Later she was under contract to Warner but soon ended that relationship and in 2008 she and her husband Nate started sensibility music, a recording, marketing management and licensing firm.

Under  this new company, Joy has released a four-song EP, One of Those Days, which featured Charmed Life, a song that appeared in the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy.

Apparently a favorite of the producers of Grey’s Anatomy, Joy’s songs, Sunny Day, and Speaking a Dead Language are also featured on two other episodes.

joy-williamsFrom Joy Williams Blog,June 2009:

Sometimes nestling myself in the cocoon of the studio helps me take a deep breath from the freeway speeds of life. It helps me regain perspective…lets me take a bird’s eye view and a chance to snap a musical Polaroid of it all. I’ve been thankful for the time I’ve had at a friend’s home-studio lately to record some songs that I have written.

Reading Joy’s blog, one gets the impression of a sensitive and introspective woman who also exhibits an eclectic musical taste who cites her influences as Bach, Billie Holliday, Beach Boys, The Carpenters, Cyndi Lauper, and Feist.

She recently went on tour with The Civil Wars, where she joins forces with singer and guitarist John Paul White.  The Civil Wars’ song, “Poison & Wine” joined the group of her songs that were featured on Grey’s Anatomy.  This song was on episode 609. It features a simple melody, repeated tenderly and almost hypnotically.  Williams and White’s voices blend together in perfect angst.

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