Interview with Joe Brown of the Las Vegas Sun
David_Archuleta_Interview_in_Las Vegas.mp3

If you can endure the din of the party atmosphere in the background (which abates somewhat about halfway through), this is a rather interesting eight minutes with David, as he is perhaps more candid and forthcoming here than he has ever been before about topics such as his Dad’s press coverage and Simon Cowell’s apparent hypocrisy. His wisdom about the music industry is also very much in evidence.

I find this new candor on David’s part extremely encouraging. I don’t suspect he’ll ever relinquish his natural–and considerable–diplomacy, but his experience with the press has clearly, and quickly, resulted in a new set of assumptions about where his boundaries are with regard to personal disclosure. It makes me think that as David matures, we may very well expect to see him speaking out on issues that are of concern to him, about causes and initiatives that engage his compassion.

Fans are excitable, words are cheap and predictions glib, but the possibility that this kid can actually change the world seems to become more and more likely as the evolution of the phenomenon that is David Archuleta continues to unfold.