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ARCH Alert: PABLO Aftermath
Dec 8
Posted by angelsreachingout

While we are prepping up for our upcoming project for the 29th December, we need to squeeze for this time being a very important and urgent announcement.

It has been all over the news the past week that typhoon “Pablo” has hit our country specifically in the Mindanao area. Now, we have been seeing how it affected so much of our fellow Pinoys — worse, how some of them would have to bear starting all over again.

In this plight, we are proceeding a very urgent fund drive at the moment to be able to help in Mindanao. To all our fellow Archies across the archie-pelago, for this time being, our fund drive will preferably be in cash. This is so that we can transmit our help faster as the total amount will be used to buy relief goods directly in Davao and can be delivered faster to those least given out with aids.

Currently, Baganga is one of the places in Davao Oriental that have been hit badly and the least dropped off with relief. An added factor is that vehicles (even trucks) are having a hard time to travel. This will be spearheaded by our fellow Archie in Davao, Kricket Mangui-ob and her family. Thanks to them, amidst that they were also affected with the aftermath, they will be doing the distribution in behalf of all of us here…

So how can we help???

You may send your cash donations in two ways:

1. Via Bank Deposit
Union Bank
Eon Account # 4404 5201 5213 2123

2. Paypal Account
We will be updating the total amount that we would be able to collect for donation thru our Twitter account and here as well.

Let’s make Christmas a little brighter for our fellow Filipinos and keep including them in our prayers for strength…May the Lord bless us all!
UPDATE (as of 10:45pm tonight, Dec 8): Here’s another account where you can send your cash donations

Banco De Oro
St Luke’s Bonifacio Global City branch
# 0007010017856
Joanna Teresa L. Manalo

The bank accounts provided are from our fellow archies, @jackryan4DA and @nareejo.

Again, we will update from time to time (as we do understand though this is for a noble cause, transparency matters… ^_^).

Thank you TDC for letting me post here as an article.

To give a brief context to what the recent calamity means to the Philippines: Mindanao literally feeds MetroManila. It has been blessed to be a typhoon-free region, except for the last 5 years (what do you say about that, global warming naysayers!)

Based on the officials’ reports to-date, Typhoon Cyclone Pablo (Bopha) damage is estimated at Php 15 billion in agriculture and almost Php 1 billion in infrastructure — and counting. According to the Pilipino Banana Growers and Exporters Association (PBGEA), the damage to the banana farms alone is at Php11B. We expect prices to go up in most parts of the country as we restore normalcy to Mindanao.

Am glad that government’s response has been quick and steady. However, the roads leading to the most affected areas is making the delivery of relief a bit tricky. As per Global NewsNet, “Four days after Pablo struck eastern Mindanao, officials have struggled to bring in food and relief convoys through roads that had been blocked or swept away by floods and avalanches of rock, logs and mud.”

So it is a blessing that Kricket and her family are all safe and on-site helping with the relief efforts for Baganga & nearby communities in Davao.

@ANCALERTS : Latest from NDRRMC: 540 dead, 1,088 injured, 827 missing due to Typhoon Pablo #PabloPH

From the bottom of my heart, thank you all for your prayers and those who have sent support. The “bayanihan spirit” lives on!
~ jackryan4DA

13 Dec

Truck carrying reliefpacks 2 #HelpBaganga leavs 2nyt TY @nareejo @jackryan4da @lorms @pastelpastel @suttygal @ascphil

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13 Dec

…. There’ll be about 3 more waves. Will keep updating 🙂