yogidavidFunny things happen when one is tuned in to David. Some of you may recall my experience driving up to New Hampshire when I played his music. Two days ago, while contemplating some comments and emails related to David channeling spirit, I considered creating a Photoshopped image of a meditating Buddha with David’s face on it. The very next day I see this.

I’ve written at various times about David’s role as a spiritual conduit, even a guide. I don’t wish to make too much of this because, as anyone who reads me knows, I think it’s folly to put David on too much of a pedestal. It sets him up for unfair expectations. But I do think his awareness of energies beyond the knowable realm have a lot to do with who he is as a person and as an artist.

I’m not sure if David is chosen any more or less than anyone else. Just because he impacts many lives doesn’t mean that his life is more important or more deserving of reverence than anyone else. It is impossible to know, for example, whether a man who lives in a forest and meets only one person in his life cannot somehow have a profound impact on the world. What I do think is unusual is the degree to which David’s music moves people.

In many spiritual traditions, the way to clarity–grace, holiness, communion–amounts to getting out of your own way. This may be described variously as letting go of the ego, letting go and letting God, Christ Consciousness, Buddha mind, and many others. Anyone who has achieved a certain level of proficiency in any creative or performance endeavor–from writing to music to sport–knows about “the zone.” This is the place where the conscious mind falls away and things seem to just happen on their own. Indeed, this is what great performers strive for (of course, the conundrum is that striving is precisely what can compromise the letting go, but I digress). I don’t tend to believe that “getting out of your own way” means enabling an outside agent to work through you or to possess you. I tend to think it means allowing one’s own personal connection to the infinite to drive their performance, rather than to drive it from the limited conscious mind.

Last week, after Jeff used words from his own religious tradition to describe the experience that so many people have with David’s performances, I received a number of emails about doing an article on it. One in particular described the experience in a way that I felt everyone could relate to.

Not to get too deep here, and with the utmost respect for all religious and spiritual traditions, I’d like to share something that I have felt for quite some time regarding David’s effect on people.

I have sensed a strong spiritual energy when David sings – a healing energy that rides on his voice and often moves people to spontaneous tears.  It is apparent at other times too, in particular when fans describe the feeling of peace they experience when they are around David, the effect his eyes have on them, and his ‘glow’.  This energy, from my perspective, is not limited to one religious tradition – it is universal – although it is called by different names, the Holy Spirit, Shakti, Source Energy, the Force (in Star Wars), to name a few.

I think it is related to both the eastern concept of Shaktipat and the western concepts of Baptism in the Spirit or Confirmation.  In essence, these concepts describe the channeling of grace/blessings/spiritual energy by a person of elevated consciousness to someone who is willing to receive it.  With shaktipat, this energy can be transferred by a touch (hug if you will), word (song if you will), and through the eyes (oh those eyes).  Years ago I was at a gathering in which I received shaktipat via my eyes and I still remember the feelings of overwhelming love and goodwill.  And I cried like a baby.  Every time I hear a fan talk about David’s eyes or how they feel when he sings, I think about that experience.

I’ve referred to David as being more ‘plugged in’ than most people.  I think one of his gifts might be to channel that initial spark of energy so we can recognize our own divinity – to zap our hearts and spirits and help us become more fully awake – kind of like jump-starting our spiritual batteries.

As Ghandi said, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” Just by being David, he is living these words.   Hopefully, whoever is ready, will say, “Wow, if he can do it, so can I” or “I want what he has.”  It is then up to us to consciously awaken to our own spiritual connection – whatever that means for each of us.

From what Jeff is purported to have said, David is aware that he is the vessel for Spirit. And, by the way, when he is ‘channeling’ he feels fabulous – that tingly feeling – so it is a reinforcing cycle.  Have you ever watched the Dali Lama?  He never stops laughing and smiling – because he resides in that energy.  I’m not putting David in that league, I’m using that as an example of the bliss of connection with source energy.

I know this blog is about David’s music and artistry, but I think his music has the impact that it does because of the energy on which it rides.  The force is very strong in David. AND, he is still a very human, 17-year old young man.

Thank you, Jackie, for that wonderful letter, and for allowing me to publish it for all to share.