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Hey guys!

Have you ever wanted those lovely pictures of David and stories of his accomplishments all wrapped up in a nice little package? Well, now you have an opportunity to purchase a book that I have put together of David’s career growth in 2009. It features some of our favorite fan photographers as well as some professional photos and it benefits two worthy causes! I have documented David’s accomplishments last year in a high qualilty, hard-backed book that covers David’s career in 2009 and 100% of my profits will be divided equally between MS and Make A Wish. The book is $62.45 plus tax and shipping and almost $19 will go to charity. Go to the link, take a look and enjoy the walk down memory lane!

Click on the link (or copy/paste)

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If you ordered a book from me last year, you can use your old sign in. If not, create a new one and click on the bubble below the “David Archuleta 2009” icon. Then go above it and click on “preview” and you can see each page. Sorry you can’t read what I printed on the back cover, but it’s a statement about the proceeds going to charity, photographer credit for the front cover pic and a quote from a letter one of David’s fans wrote. Anyway, if you’d like to purchase one, just click on “order” and follow the steps and that’s all you need to do.

If you are outside of the United States, you can “preview” the book but it will not allow you to “order” due to shipping limitations. So email me at amynorfleet14@yahoo.com and let me know you are interested and I will be happy to help you.

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Many thanks to all who have supported me and this project! I hope you all enjoy it! But mostly, thanks for your support of David’s music and his charitable spirit.

Blessings & peace,
Amy (in VA)