David’s growing confidence onstage is apparently being matched in the studio, where those familiar with his past recording efforts have been nothing short of astounded by his unambiguous ownership of the sessions. Both Richard Parkinson (David’s sometime arranger, in the photo) and David’s dad, Jeff, both reported being amazed not only at what David was achieving with his performances but the degree to which he was driving the direction of every aspect of the recording. When they had been in the studio six months ago David had needed a lot of help and guidance. Not this time.

“He was a complete pro and really took command of the situation–more so than either had ever seen him do before,” according to a source close to the collaborators. They recorded several songs, which evidently included some Christmas songs, in hopes that some would be embraced by Jive to be included on David’s album.

Jeff was reportedly so enthusiastic about the results that when asked what he would do if Jive didn’t like the material or wanted to go a different way, he exclaimed, “If they don’t like them, we’ll go back to E19 and tell them they signed with the wrong label!”

While on the one hand it is immensely gratifying to learn of David’s emerging command and control offstage as well as on, I can’t help but question the wisdom of Christmas songs. Not that they wouldn’t be delightful, remarkable even, but I don’t see any reason at this early stage to toss red meat to the critics. David has his entire career to delve into genre music; I can see no possible advantage to doing it so soon.