arch6“My heart’s still pounding, David. I’ve got chills up and down my arms. The sun’s never going to go down on you because you bring out so much sunshine in everyone throughout the whole world through your singing. And, David, that was a beautiful, beautiful stunning performance.”

This was Paula Abdul’s typically gushy comment after David Archuleta’s AI finale performance of DLTSGDOM. Funny thing is, the following was Randy Jackson’s comment about the same performance…

“It doesn’t matter what happens right now, you gotta know one thing, this is one of the best performances of this whole season, and you picked the right time to peak, baby. That was flawless and unbelievably molten hot.”

So which is it, sunshine or molten hot lava? Apparently, David Archuleta is hot either way. But I ask you, “How do you prefer your Archuheat? Sunshiny or lava bomb?”

Me…I prefer the lava bomb. Not that I am not a fan of sunshine, quite the contrary, I am a sunshine lover. I love its soothing warmth on my face and the glow it imparts on my skin (not to mention its life giving rays). It’s just that the sun is… so far away…. and…. so common, and well,….. taken for granted. As “countless as the stars in the sky”, blah, blah… No ma’am,…this is not a fitting description of David Archuleta.mount-etna-kids-690242-sw5

Lava on the other hand, is exotic…dynamic, molten hot, and flowing with the power of 2500 degrees, the evolving earth blowing its insides out…in the process it reminds us up close and personal of the consequences of trapping all of that incredible energy …. Just the thought of it, gets the blood flowing. What happens when the heat and pressure builds up? It finds a way out. One way or another…the molten hot lava finds a way out, even the Earth’s crust can’t contain it. Yes sir,….. a much more fitting description of an Archuperformance.

Of course, some of you astronomy types are thinking, lava vs. the sun? Get real. “Lady, what about a supernova? Supernovas create blackholes, masses with such attractive forces that nothing can escape….not even light.” Surly this evokes the inescapable power that is the performing David Archuleta? Well, you have a point… stars ARE fitting too I guess. But Paula said “sunshine”, no mention of stars and supernova, so I stand by my molten hot laavvaaaa……..maybe it’s just that I enjoy the volcano imagery more. 😉