All learning experiences have two phases: taking in and taking hold. The easy part is to absorb and assimilate information; the tricky part, the dividing line between those who observe and those who do, is taking hold of all that has been learned and creating maximum results.

David has now entered the second phase of his learning journey; he is taking hold of his destiny made evident by his performances the past two days in Edinburgh and Glasgow, Scotland.

He has wrapped his arms around the opportunities of his journey and he is making his first solo flights. Oh, yes, he still has his ground crew and he will vacillate somewhat during these early days of taking hold. For learning is about moving forward, backing up, regrouping and moving ahead with greater speed and confidence. Make no mistake, however, he is now emerging as an artist who knows what he is about.

Where the Salt Lake City concert last month conveyed power and joy, Edinburgh and Glasgow transmitted power, purpose and intensity.

In these first U.K. shows, David stepped up his game yet again and he radiated a high level of energy that emanated from him with every note, every move.

edinburghAt both venues there were a few pockets of fans chanting “David! David! David!” before the shows began. And at both shows, the fans knew Crush, ALTNOY and surprisingly (at least to me) Touch My Hand and Zero Gravity.

The audience was vocal, receptive and highly appreciative of David’s set. There were the applauding, screaming, waving, on-their-feet segment and also the quieter, but no less attentive, attendees. Although the fans, obviously, were not there for David, his reception was outstanding and they cheered for his glory notes, his dancing, his energy — literally, they cheered for all the high points of his songs and performances as did the Stateside concertgoers.

At both shows, the audience was mostly under 20 (approximately 75%). Around 10% of the concertgoers were male. Not many were over 30. In Glasgow, where seats were available, there were probably 250 young girls and boys under 12. The young boys had McFly tees and other paraphernalia and their excitement was palpable and a joy to see.

David displayed a new sense of purpose and every ounce of song and performance at both shows was dedicated to that purpose. Power and purpose stood arm and arm with David.

Coincidentally, Scotland is a place known, historically, for its warriors and, for the past two evenings, David was a true warrior of song — his performances were fierce.

David is ready. He knows it. The journey continues. And, quite incredibly for us, his fans, the best is yet to come! How’d we get to be so lucky?!!!