One of the amusing and often annoying things (among so many) about the AI season was the knee-jerk assumption that David was lacking in versatility, that he was a ballad singer with perhaps slight inclinations toward boy-bandy pop tunes, but that it pretty much ended there. Those of us who connected early on with David in such a profound way knew this to be false, of course, realizing that the assumption was precipitated in large measure by the inexplicably restrictive nature of the AI format itself.

Fast on the heels of crushing any skepticism about his ability to soar into med-tempo pop territory with characteristic virtuosity, David appears in a series of photo shoots that convey another dimension of his versatilty. I was delighted to see that whoever is handling this work on behalf of Jive evidently dismissed entirely the image direction currently being displayed at, which is ridiculous and inept.

This terrific series of photos showcases David’s image range from a fun teen pop star to a serious young musician, and pretty much everything in-between. It’s hard to say how many “looks” they may have experimented with, but those that have been released (or leaked–or perhaps that’s one in the same these days) appear to be smart choices that don’t go overboard in any direction.

Bravo, Jive. And David–if you still think you’re not photogenic, it’s a rare blind spot in an otherwise impressive self awareness!

See the images here.