But seriously…

brocadefrontWe are such a fortunate bunch here at TDC, ever grateful and appreciative that we have the DNA structure or whatever the heck it is that enables us to “get” David, and appreciate him in all of his gorgeous and uplifting awesomeage.

It’s hard to believe that this is our second Thanksgiving together.  But here we are, still laughing, weeping, thuding, exalting and whoo-hoo-hooting for “our guy”!  OK, sometimes we’ve gotten a bit at odds, here and there, but hey! …what’s a little disagreement amongst extended family members?  The many and varied flavors are what makes the stuffing spicy!

So here’s a toast to you, David—a sparkling cider, perhaps?!—and to your family, and to all who have a hand in bringing you and your music to us.  And to all of you out there who are joined at the heart to this amazing young man, I offer this day’s reflection on gratitude.

~ highervibe