Christmas and David – like coco and milk.

Add JambaJim to the mix and you get marshmallow on top of that divine coco drink!

Way back in 2009, October 23 to be exact, David visited the MTV office. He was to promote his 1st Christmas album – Christmas From The Heart. So trust JambaJim to make a quirky event out of the promo gig by asking David to go caroling through the MTV office.

That afternoon produced one of the most sought after performance. David sang O Holy Night but it wasn’t shown! Que horror! Four years later and after much cajoling and courting from Archies (that included me, tee-hee), JamnaJim and Jeffrey finally agreed to share the full OHN performance

Jeffrey finally gave in! After years of “courting JamJim” and that guy from MTV about the missing OHN performance, he finally gave in! Read what that MTV guy who was serenaded by David Archuleta had to say about it

Jeffrey recounts:

Music Box: Christmas Cheer With David Archuleta

While promoting his Christmas CD Christmas From The Heart, 2008 American Idol runner-up, Latter-Day Saints missionary, and overall sweetheart David Archuleta met up with Pop Culture guru Jim Cantiello in October 2009 for an interview and a round of Christmas caroling at the offices here at MTV. Jim had told me a day before the schedule and asked if he could bring David on one of his stops. “OF COURSE!!!” I yelled. While I wasn’t always kind to Archuleta’s weekly performances on my American Idol Report Card blog (which I also wrote a few times for MTVs Idol coverage), I never denied his inherent talent — the boy had a gorgeous voice.

Before arriving at my office, David and Jim decked our halls with sounds of laughter and cheer — the final edited video could be found all over the web — but when they got to me and requested which song I wanted to hear, I chose one that surprised both — “O Holy Night.” It’s my favorite traditional carol and I’m always interested in hearing new versions. David’s pure voice is somewhat drowned out by a far-too schmaltzy arrangement on his CD, but his vocals more than shine. Once I had him trapped in my office, I wasn’t going to allow him to leave without serenading me with my favorite Christmas song — a capella. He obliged and…wow. He startled Jim and nearly briought me to tears. It was astonishing (as I exalted in the video). Sure, we knew he could sing, but to hear it live, in person, 2 feet in front of me…well, it haunts me still.

So, for years I promised David’s fans to post this performance, and this was the year I decided it was time to share the whole performance of that song. David, Jim and I spent about 10-15 minutes together laughing and enjoying our post-performance, limited time together (missing here is when David offered to help me clean up the mess that Jim made when, during the opening of David singing and at the end of the interview, he threw cotton balls into the air from his Santa bag. Perhaps next year I’ll post the whole thing and not be too concerned at how fat I was at the time.)

Enjoy, Archies, ArchAngels, FODs and Archinoys — as well as lovers of beautiful singing — everywhere!!! Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and all that jazz

Thank you Jeffrey & Jim for sharing. And we look forward to the other footage you talked about.

Meanwhile, why don’t we revisit David’s MTV promo for CFTH? From the formal interview to the caroling leading up to the release of the above video from Jeffrey 🙂

DA Talks About Next Album, Working w/ Jeymes Samuel @ MTV (23 Oct 2009)

DA Interview @ MTV for CFTH Promo (23 Oct 2009)

DA & Christmas Sweaters @ MTV Interview CFTH Promo (23 Oct)

DA & JambaJim Really Like Allison Iraheta @ MTV Visit (23 Oct 2009)

DA Carolling @ MTV Offices w JambaJim (23 Oct 2009)

DA sings OHN a capella @ MTV carolling – full version (23 Oct 2009)

Wasn’t that a snug-fest? Merry Christmas!

~ JR