DA Kaleidoscope rehearsal



I was trying to re-upload all my 2009 videos as my 2009 channel got a hit years ago (HAH! hazards of an Archie videoholic) 🙂 The attempt was made in September but work got in the way, so..

Anyway, in the process of uploading my playlist of the 2009 Kaleidoscope, I found this un-posted footage. It is actually a news feature on Dorothy Hamilton. But around 0:44 mark, our David is shown rehearsing for the 2009 Kaleidoscope with the skating stars of the show – Dorothy Hamill, Scott Hamiltin & Rachel Flat.

I wonder how many US fans saw this?

2009 Kaleidoscope was aired in time for Thanksgiving. The theme that year was uniting cancer survivors on Ice and in songs to celebrate survivorship.

As this is our ThrowBackThursday edition for this week, why not revisit David’s Kaleidoscope holiday appearance?
David Archuleta @ Kaleidoscope Intro & Perf 03 SILENT NIGHT w/ Ashley Wagner (26 Nov 2009)


Kaleidoscope Show 01 Olivia Newton-John w/ Dorothy Hamill – Hope Is Always Here (26 Nov 2009)

Kaleidoscope Show 02 Kat Mcphee – I’ll Be Home for Christmas (26 Nov 2009)

Kaleidoscope Show feat 04 Kristi Yamaguchi – Ever The Same (26 Nov 2009)

Kaleidoscope Show feat 05 Scott Hamilton – Miracle (26 Nov 2009)

Isn’t it exciting that David will be back in less than 100 days? YAY!
~ JR