As we approach the end of 2009 as well as David’s 19th birthday, it is time to look back and reflect upon yet another eventful, exciting year in Archuland! It is time to hold…

(Drum roll please…)


This is a chance for YOU, THE FANS, to decide what were David’s best moments, best songs, and best performances of 2009. How many Archudorkable moments can you remember? What was David’s most memorable tweet? What picture of David took your breath away? It’s time to look back at everything from 2009 and once again revel in its awesomeage.

This nominating process (and the voting!) are open to ALL fans, from ALL the fansites!

So pop your copy of CFTH in the player, get in the holiday spirit, rub your hands together, and NOMINATE! Don’t be shy! Say why your nominee should be included in the final five! TDC’s illustrious Nominations Committee will peruse your squees and suggestions and choose the final 5 nominations for each category based on a combination of things, including the number of nominations and general enthusiasm. So if someone else has already posted something that you wanted to mention, then nominate it, too!

Here’s how it will go down:

1. Wednesday, December 9th (now!) – Nominations open. Use the comments section below to post up your ideas, links to songs, videos, performances, pictures, etc. that you think should be included in the final nomination lists. If you want, say why it should be included. Repeat nominations are allowed! (When this article rolls off of the feature section, there will still be a link to it on the front page of TDC.)

2. Tuesday, December 15th at MIDNIGHT (Eastern Time) – Nominations CLOSE.

3. Sunday, December 20th – Final list of nominations (5 per category) is posted. Voting begins!

4. Sunday, December 27th – Winners are posted!!!

Also, if you have another great idea for a category, let us know! We might include it!


CATEGORIES (in no particular order)


Best Live Performance – Rockin the House
Best Live Performance – Heart Connection
Song of the Year (single or album track with a 2009 release date in the U.S.)
Most Archudorkable Moment
Hawtest David Picture (2009 only)
Cutest David Picture (2009 only)
Top David Moment of the Year
Best David Cover of Another Artist’s Song
Best Christmas Song
Best Video Blog
Best TV Appearance
Best Piece of Archuwisdom (quotation)
Funniest Archuquote (non-Tweet)
Tweet of the Year