The 3rd Annual Archie Awards

The Voting is done, the winners are selected. But really, there are no losers in this list of performances, photos (no, not one loser there!), tweets, quotes, songs and fan tributes. For many of us, the whole point of the Archie Awards is the fun of going through the prior year’s videos and having an excuse to look over those 5 or 7 photos of David just one more time to be sure we are really picking the hawtest. Yeah, right.

But vote you did, and so here are your favorites of 2010.

Best Live Performance – Rockin the House

With 42% of the votes:

David Archuleta performs Elevator at Z100 NY – 10.05.2010


Best Live Performance – Heart Connection

With 36% of the votes:

David Archuleta Be Still My Soul Rexburg

by 15263457689

Best Acapella Performance

With 23% of the votes

David Archuleta “Hope for Haiti Now” (Prayer of the Children)

by 7pmm

Song of the Year
(single or album track with a 2010 release date in the U.S.)

With 39% of the votes:

“My Kind of Perfect”


Most Archudorkable Moment

With 26% of the votes:
David accidently unplugs mic cord

Most Archudorable Moment

With 41% of the votes:

David & the Squirrel


Hawtest David Picture (2010 only)

With 24% of the votes:

Hawt David Pic #1

Cutest David Picture (2010 only)

With 27% of the votes:

Cute David Pic #1

Top David Moment of the Year

With 52% of the votes:

Performing with The Mormon Tabernacle Choir

This was such a special event that I’m adding a couple of videos here just for the sheer enjoyment of hearing David sing those beautiful Christmas songs.

LOA PASTORES A BELEN thanks to verdespickles

SILENT NIGHT thanks to 15263457689

Best David Cover of Another Artist’s Song

With 26% of the votes:

David Archuleta HD Imagine on American Idol Season 9 Results Show


Best Christmas Song

With 27% of the votes:

David Archuleta – “Pat-A-Pan” (from Orla Fallon’s Celtic Christmas)


Best Video Blog

With 40% of the votes:

I was born a ramblin’ man


Best TV Appearance

With 50% of the votes:

Fox New Years Eve Live!

Best Bonus Track

Two tracks were so close – not a tie, but 35% and 34% respectively – so here they are:

“Nothing Else Better To Do”

“Senseless “

Tweet of the Year

With 25% of the votes:

2. So I guess I look enough like me today but not enough to actually be me. People think I kind of look like David Archuleta lol. 2:27 PM Jul 10th, 2010

Most Impressive Comment from a Non-Archie

With 49% of the votes:

5. Stephen Dark Salt lake City Weekly

Archuleta turned out to be the rarest of gifts in a season usually studied with the fake and insincere: something real, tangible and, even for a crusty old cynic like myself, touchingly recalling Christmas’ past when carols, sung with feeling, could still stir one’s heart.

Best new Fan-made Videos/Tributes in 2010

With 30% of the votes:

David Archuleta – The Other Side of Down – Photoshoot (Behind the Scenes) by maaxsuel

Best or most interesting quote from Chords of Strength

With 40% of the votes:

1. Chords of Strength:

Sometimes it takes a miracle to reignite a person’s passion. Sometimes when you least expect it, the tables turn and that scary feeling that has taken a hold of you for so long somehow turns into hope. Call it luck, call it help from above, call it whatever you will…I definitely believe some kind of miracle was at play when my voice, for no understandable or explainable reason, started to feel better again.

So, there you have it – the Best of 2010 – and now on to another fantastic year as a David Archuleta fan.

~ Cutter12, JR and Marlie7