davidchatHave you ever just wanted to watch all the very best videos of David – the Essential Archuleta – and didn’t want to dig through all of your hard drive video folders which are (we know) beautifully organized by venue? Don’t say no, because…we know you!

The David Chronicles has set up a viewing channel just for you. Organized by one of this site’s incomparable video hounds, Abrra, the site will run videos 24/7 for your viewing pleasure. It currently boasts over 75 different videos, mostly determined from your selections in The Essential Archuleta thread. Over time, we will likely add more as new videos emerge and join the ranks of “the best.”

The David Chronicles Channel is also a chat site – and the only thing we ask is that you keep it “David friendly.” The policies of this site apply to the video channel. We hope it will be a place where a few can congregate and chat while videos of David play on the side. The site is public, no password required, so you never know who might show up.

To begin chatting, type your TDC name in the message line below the chat screen. A field will pop up and ask you to type a name. There is a small white box on the left of the chat window.

Click that and you can pick a color for your chat messages. Light pastels show up best. Dark colors will be hard to see against the gray background. So pick something easy on the eyes. The B next to the white box is for Bold. Your test will be more visible in Bold.The other 2 options are italics and underline. These are not visually chat friendly. The chat room will be moderated randomly and the chat text screen will be wiped clear a few times a day.

Please use your TDC name when chatting so that people know who you are. Other than that, just enjoy the view.

The David Chronicles Channel