David’s first solo tour has visited many a seedy venue, with unswept floors and outdated decor. Many fans, myself included, scorned this tactic. We all know David deserves much better. We know he must start somewhere, but we long for the day he takes on stages the likes of Madison Square Garden…for his OWN sold out event.

What I didn’t see at first was what a “sweet and precious gift” this really would turn out to be. When again, in my lifetime, would I ever have an opportunity to be so up close and personal to David? justDavid, the single individual who time and time again unknowingly leaves me breathless. It is a “wonderful gift” to be a part of this time in David’s life.

As with any other fan, I have my prized collection of David media ~ those early videos from American Idol. We remember holding our breath, knowing those first few seconds of every performance were terrifying for David. He was never sure what was going to come out…. and neither were we. But in a flash, the magic took over, and “the gift appeared”…David… confident, strong, smooth, lyrical, ethereal…. and we exhaled. The “gift of live television”, uploaded and downloaded to YouTube thousands of times, by thousands of fans, sharing the moments they captured, their act of generosity, their act of sharing, “their gift to us that keeps on giving.”

Here we are, a year out, and those American Idol moments, still come bearing gifts. “Imagine” … the gift that keeps on giving, or “Angels” …the gift that keeps on giving.

David doesn’t plan too far ahead, as he’s just David, and willingly admits to changing his mind frequently. He is spontaneous, full of energy, loaded with surprises and eager to please, because that TOO, is part of “his gift…that keeps on giving.”

Thank God in heaven for portable media. All my favorite David moments, my concert memories, are permanently captured in my small hand held device, ever ready and waiting. No matter where I am, no matter what I’m doing, no matter how high or how low my day is, there it is. I reach out, and with a flick of a switch, David arrives to “Save The Day”, reaching out with his heart through his voice, giving me a simple lift… David’s gift… that keeps on giving.