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The release of Somos El Mundo has spawned increased interest with TheArchulator. YouTube, Twitter & other online uploads have been peppered with comments and questions about him. I have read some unflattering remarks about the video or about certain artists or some complaints about not seeing other more internationally known Hispanic celebrities. But, I have yet to encounter a negative feedback specific to David.

Comments about him are heartwarming, some hilarious and a number, surprising — like not knowing he has Hispanic roots. Depending on which version of the video you are checking out, you invariably see inquiries about the guy at 2:30 or 2:11 or 2:36 or 2:44 or 4:20 or 6:19, etc… and they all point to him!

Alguien me podria decir quien es el jovencito de ojos verdes del min 2:30 al 2:36? Mil gracias (Can someone tell who is the green-eyed boy of 2:30 to 2:36 min? Thanks a lot!)

Alguien me puede decir quien es el chico que canta al minuto 2:31? Me encanta su voz, pero no tengo idea de quien es. Ayuda porfa!! (Can someone tell me who is the guy who sings at minute 2:31? I love his voice, but I have no idea who he is. Help please!!)

This sounds better! Electric guitar has a much better… I like Archuleta singing, I didn’t realize he is also Latino ..

Quien es el que canta al 2:30? Despues de Juan Luis G…. (Who is that singing at 2:30? After Juan Luis G…)

Sorprendida me hallo de que David Chuleta de repente me resulte tan lindo! (I got surprised when I suddenly heard David Chuleta’s voice he is so cute!

Quien es el chavo que sale en el 2 30 canta muy bien. Diganme please (Who is the kid who comes in 2 30 who sings very well. Please tell me)

Un a david archuleta! Ese niño es precioso y canta divino (Ah david archuleta! That child is beautiful and sings divine

Ustedes me podrian desir quien es el chico de 2:32 (You might like to help – I’d like to know who is the guy at 2:32)

…me encanta david archuleta es el mejor y tambien ricardo montaner! (I love David Archuleta, he is the best and also, Ricardo Montaner

Definitivamente mala, mala, mala.. pero Olga TaÑon y Jose Feliciano, el chico 2:31 y La de 5ta estación se votan. (Definitely bad, bad, bad .. except for Olga Tanon and Jose Feliciano, the boy in 2:31 and the 5th season voted on.

Quien es el de ojos claros? (Who is the clear eyed?)

Hola soy de Brasil y me encanto la version. Alguien puede decirme por favor quien eres el nino de ojos azul que canta una parte como solista? Me encanto su voz!!!! (Hi I’m from Brazil and I love the version, can someone please tell me who is the blue-eyed boy who sings a solo part? I love his voice!!

2:32..i wanna know his name..

His name is David Archuleta. I didn’t even know he spoke Spanish. The cover sounds really nice.

Quien es el del minuto 2:30 m gushhta

David Archuletta. Es el que gano american idol hace un ano creo y normalmente canta en ingles (David Archuletta is the american idol who won a year ago and usually sings in English)

El de min:2:30, es David Archuleta, del american idol?? Si es asi me encanta que este alli, aunque no sabia que cantaba en español, me encanto la parte de belinda, luis fonsi, kany garcia, espectacular!! ah! y Jhon secada!!! At 2:30, that’s David Archuleta?? If yes, then I love that he is there, but did not know he sings in Spanish, I also love the part of Belinda, Luis Fonsi, Kany Garcia, spectacular! ah! and Jhon Secada!)

Es curioso cómo nadie sabe David Archuleta es latino. Su apellido significa “Porkchop” en ESPAÑOL. Así que si usted nació en los EE.UU. no es latino?? Él es un cantante increíble, él y Luis Fonsi se robó todo para mí. Increíble!! (Funny how nobody knows David Archuleta is Latino. His surname means “Porkchop” in SPANISH. So if you were born in the U.S. non-Latino? He is an incredible singer, Luis Fonsi him and stole everything for me. Incredible!)

La mejor parte es del chico hondureño americano creo q es David Archuleta muy buen cantante (The best part is the Honduran boy American I think David Archuleta is very good singer)

@Songbird6282 el David ARchuleta es el niño que sale en el minuto 2.30 ? o quién es ese niño? podrías decirme por favor?? (@ Songbird6282 The David Archuleta is the child exiting the minute 2.30? or who is this kid? could you tell me please?)

En cambio @DavidArchie (Archuleta de Idol) le pone todo su corazón. (In contrast, @DavidArchie [Archuleta from Idol] puts his entire heart into it — twitted by Jonathan Blum, Director E! Entertainment TV Latin America.)

God who’s the babe who sings after Juan L. Guerra…he’s fine!!


So, will this prompt David’s Management & Jive put a more concerted effort to reach out to the huge, rich Hispanic market? Or at least seriously consider a Spanish album soon? Whatever the case, am just happy that new markets out of the AI frontier is discovering or re-discovering that guy @ 2:30 — our guy!

Have you ordered the song and video from iTunes? Let us not forget what Somos El Mundo is all about 😉 A restful weekend to all!


ps: In case you are looking for Somos-El-Mundo related images & videos, inclusive of Univision’s, you can download from HERE