juliakitchen585Julie and Julia is a delightful movie about food and love and obsession and being saved.  As a certifiably obsessed David fan, I of course see everything through the lens of the David Experience. I couldn’t help but see parallels everywhere between the passion for food and the passion for music.

Julie is a young woman who is stuck in a dead-end career.  She has this crazy idea to cook her way through Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking in one year’s time.  365 days and 524 recipes.  On the face of it, it is insane, but she sticks with it through the challenges, meltdowns, and strained marital relations.  She writes a blog about it and gathers a whole community of devoted fans.

When Julie is cooking, she feels like Julia is there with her, guiding her, mentoring her.  She adores Julia, is obsessed with all things Julia, and gathers minutiae about her life.  She even dresses up like Julia when she hosts a dinner party that features recipes from Julia’s book.

juliekitchen400Julie is truly obsessed. Her obsession takes over to a point where her job and marriage are at risk.  But this particular obsession has a time limit of one year.  It also has an impossibly happy ending with a New York Times article, as well as book and movie contracts.

Julie says in the movie that Julia “saved her.” Her husband says that she saved herself.  Both, of course, are true.  Julia saved her, transformed her, and lifted her to a new way of being in the world.  But perhaps more accurately, Julie’s obsession was the agent of change, that creative surge of energy that pushed Julie out of her self-limiting box into something bigger and more beautiful, more fully herself.

It’s a stunning example of the transformative power of obsession.

juliedavidsmileThere are many of us who have been transformed by our obsession with David.  We often wonder why this obsession took hold in us. Why us? Why now? There are those of us who have allowed David and his music to enter our hearts and to push us out of a limited sense of self.

The passionate love that we feel for David can be a powerful force for change in our lives. It’s a burst of energy that can wash away the old and open us up to transformative change.  Can change happen without this obsessive energy?  Are these obsessions always a power for good in our lives?  Can they get out of control?  Everyone has his or her own experience, but at its best, the David obsession can be a blast of love that can energize and empower.

Food, music, love, obsession, transformation.