Recently David tweeted about a dream in which he was riding in an orange car that kept breaking down. (And that it was irritating!) This cryptic sketch of his innermost thoughts reminded me of the poem I wrote some months back, which you see above. I found it so intriguing that his subconscious chose the color orange for his vehicle, it’s such a powerful color. It’s the color of success, creativity, passion, freedom and independence. It’s about action and achieving one’s goals. Metaphysically, it is the color of the second chakra. Having his last three shows canceled was not something within his control, and this dream sounds like a visual representation of having his freedom (self-determination) compromised.

This color-dream correlation gave me pause, asking once again–“Why this ODD? Why me? What is it about David and that dang Voice of his–and his journey–that I connect with so deeply?” But then I was reminded of this bit of wisdom:

“There are no others.” – Ramana Maharshi

Now I’m wondering–if we are all connected, why do we here at TDC seem to be more connected to David than to many of those others? It’s an enigma. Apparently, an orange one.