A lot of talk and strategizing has been exchanged among Archies about how best we can help promote David and his music.

The latest buzz and activity in Asia is proof that when a significant base is supported by music entities (distributors, DJs, media…), a lot can be achieved, even if only in terms of awareness and recall. And when I say significant, I don’t mean numbers. Sometimes, a focused & purposeful degree of passion of a collective lot can make a marked difference.

But the most obvious contribution us fans do for our artists of choice to thrive is of course to buy their music. With analog sales increasingly being challenged, digital sales seems to be developing into an overarching benchmark.

Ever wonder how our online downloads contribute to David’s sales?

I came across this infographics which may be helpful in understanding the hurdles artists, like David, have to grapple with in order to make an honest buck. Try doing the math with Crush.

If my calculations are correct – and please feel free to correct me – when someone says David has 2M downloads for Crush and we use iTunes or Amazon as sources of the downloads, then he may have earned about $180,000, right?

This information becomes more relevant as David has chosen his own path in managing his career. Away from traditional management and labels, do you think David made the right choice in the long-term? Would this be a good argument against piracy and move others to stop illegal downloads?

Let me know what you think/feel.

– jackryan4DA

ps: If anyone is interested to check out the excel file where the above infographics was based on, you can check it out HERE