I wasn’t sure I saw the gesture when I first viewed the video. David was at yet another meet and greet at a radio station in New Orleans on February 15th. He rambles on in his usual fashion, complains that he is losing his voice because he has been yelling all day, and throws his arms around for emphasis. Then he finally settles down to sing, and before he does, he connects with his God in a gesture so quick that you might have missed it.

The performance of Angels is not perfect. He’s right, he probably should have rested his voice if he had planned on singing that day. The dynamics shift a bit too wildly when he goes for the high notes, the first “through it all” is a bit rough.

But by the time he gets to the second “through it all,” his voice is relaxed and rich, and he lovingly adds melodic flourishes to the ending of “right or wrong.”

By this time the listener is feeling chills. David is one with the song. He sinks deeper and deeper into his soul and channels the song from a place that is the source of all peace and joy. He is the song, the song is him.

“And down the waterfall, wherever iiiiiit may take me,” complete with diva hand, reaches a climax so powerful that you would have to be under the ground not to feel the beauty of that moment. David brings you down slowly and gently after that, but raises it up again with a richly embellished “I’m loving angels instead.”

“That’s why I can’t get a big head. It’s not coming from me.
That’s what I like about it. It’s all in the music, you don’t
have to say anything.” DA

Gah, this is a complicated young man – part smexy rock star, part spirit channel, part goofy kid. But the core of his strength, the rock-hard center of his being, springs from his connection to his God, a connection that, because of his pure spirit, transcends any one religion and simply connects our hearts with his.


Orleans Angels