When I read the name of the song David would be singing for the MDA Jerry Lewis Telethon, it triggered a little hitch in my heart. The name, “Things Are Gonna Get Better,” reflects what I consider David’s foundation attitude and belief about life, his optimistic outlook and glass-half-full view of the world. And I was hoping for a song that would truly highlight all that David is as a singer…a vocal master, a pop soloist, a soulful artist and a balladeer. Was I hoping for too much?

Apparently not!

“Things Are Gonna Get Better” seems to be able to support all the myriad vocal persona’s that combine so beautifully to give us David Archuleta. The song begins with David’s signature opening, the half hum, half “yeah, yeah” that warms up both David’s voice and the audience and which gives just a hint of “Soulful David.” The opening verse has that acoustic feel that straddles the fence between pop and ballad, and allows us to really hear the soothing dulcet tone of David’s voice.

The beat steps up for the refrain and David can’t help but involve his whole body in the music. But the real treat comes when the final verse begins – David reaches those high notes that will likely send a shiver up your spine, and marks him as a vocal master.

There are parts of this song that bring to mind David’s performances on American Idol. He starts out slow and builds up the song until the ending showcases the VOICE he is known for. More than any of his recent pop performances, this one feels like a David song.

Back when he was first starting to think about this album he talked about his love of acoustic music as a style, but when SBL was released, it appeared that David might have turned a little more toward straight pop. Now, upon hearing this song, along with Elevator, a quirky song that reflects David’s playful side, it seems we will get an album that will include something for everyone. Not a set of songs chosen just for that purpose, but a true reflection of the breadth of music which David is capable of performing, and which he loves.


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