Archuworld was focused on the East this week, and it was unclear who was happier about David’s first Asian tour — the fans in Singapore and Malaysia, or David himself. With a combination of equal parts excitement and calm that can only be David, he in a video blog how he loves rain and humidity, and didn’t need to set the fire alarms off by steaming up his hotel room with the shower in order to soothe his vocal chords.

David was actually quite the communicator this week. He posted pictures and numerous Twitter-style updates on the Malaysia-based mobile media broadcasting service, Pacmee, and blogged about the weather, Chap Stick, malls, the Utah concert (with thanks to his opening acts), plus a song of the day — he covers all the bases!

The Malaysian fans gave David Beatles-style welcome, and the airport pandemonium made it all the way to Z100’s Elvis Duran show. Perez Hilton also gets in on the hype.

One of the most David stories of the week came by way of a cleaning woman who David encountered in the bathroom of a school he visited in Malaysia. According to the admiring reports of the maintenance worker, David extended his hand, introduced himself, and complimented her on keeping the school so clean… That’s our David.

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  • Real men wear “I <3 David Archuleta” tee-shirts.
  • David hugs a crying fan and sings a Seal song to her.
  • target=”_blank”>David gets a plaque for winning the Love It or Shove It contest (“A Little Too Not Over You”) at a Malaysian radio station 51 nights in a row. They finally took his song out of the competition and put it on a wall of fame. The station, which is owned by Sony, had to get approval for the presentation, which apparently involved considerable negotiations. Some of the comments to David during the presentation:

The last two days you have been here, I’m sure you know what a huge fan everyone is — all, male, female, we all love you — and it’s not only because of the singing, even though, that’s what drew us to you in the first place. But since then, we found out the wonderful person that you are, an amazing young young man. And, we just want to say: Don’t change. Stay true to yourself. We love you.

Finally, it bears mentioning that this is the first time in his life that David has traveled and performed entirely on his own, without family or guardians or handlers. Judging from his mood all week, we’d say, “Hey Mikey! He likes it!”