David continued Archustomping across the country this week, with stops in Boston, Philadelphia, Deluth, Louisiana and Arkansas.

The Boston Herald gave David some love in its review, explaining how

…the sunny Archuleta showed off his “Idol”-honed poise on songs including “Touch My Hand,” the bounce-worthy “Zero Gravity” and his hit, “Crush.” Sure, he’s a fantastic singer, but more important in the world of teen music, he’s really, really cute. went positively fangirl over David:

Then after a short break American Idol runner-up David Archuleta made a dramatic entrance and went right into all of his greatest hits we all know and love. 

Aside from being in need of a serious haircut and being completely drenched with sweat, David was AMAZING. We immediately came home and purchased his album. We watched him on American Idol, but he is SO much better in real life! If he ever headlines a tour by himself it would be a MUST-SEE in our opinion.

His band was super fun and, while he may not have the most extreme stage presence, his voice makes up for it! He never missed a beat, or forgot the words to his song and he was just fantastic!”

Quickdfw, a blogging site for Dallas Fort Worth, had an interesting post comparing the venues of the two Davids….

Take a look at our To-Do List in the issue of Quick that hits stands on Thursday, and you’ll see the concert deets on dimple-boy Archuleta, who’s touring with Disney pop sensation Demi Lovato; they’ll hit Nokia Theater this coming Sunday. Meanwhile, Cookie on Friday is playing the Winstar World Casino just across the Oklahoma border, the closest he’ll get to Dallas on his Declaration Tour.
 The Archuleta fan in me is pulling my fist through the air in a scoring motion. (Nerd.) I guess I just think of casinos as stages for bad karaoke, bad sax players and washed-up has-beens. Cookie’s far from that… So, what gives?

MTV, the video channel that was practically invented for Michael Jackson, doesn’t even know what songs the King of Pop wrote, as evidenced by this brilliant quote:

David Archuleta also sang a Jackson song, “You Can,” during a stop in New Jersey last week during his tour with Demi Lovato. He later tweeted, “I can’t get over MJ. I know everyone’s talking about it but he deserves the respect. I hope people will appreciate what he’s done.”

David cemented his reputation for being completely random in his blog last Tuesday. In it, he urged everyone to consider starting a journal, and talked about how much it has meant to him. His journal started as a New Year’s resolution, and has evidently stuck.

A very relaxed and happy David was captured on video a fragment of “My Girl.” This was apparently recorded back during the Malaysian tour, but only appeared on YouTube this week. His voice sounds especially remarkable on this all-too-brief clip.