aw73109Performance, performance, performance!

It’s been a busy week for David. The David/Demi tour is in full swing and he even managed to squeeze in some solo performances too! While the fan base grumbled about Jive and Azoff and management and promotion, David just stepped on stage and rocked us out of our chairs. Beginning with Cincinnati, David seems to have been infused with a new energy as shown here with Hands. In Cleveland, he rocked the house with Gravity.

If there was any doubt that Pittsburgh loves David, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette wrote:

“If you have any lingering doubts about David Archuleta’s status as one of the most successful American Idol contestants in the history of the show, look to the hordes of sobbing tweens that linger in his wake. There should be plenty of them in town the night of the 28th, when Archuleta brings his smooth, R&B-inflected pop to Pittsburgh.”

The concert in Pittsburgh was described by SandyBeaches this way:

“THERE ARE NO WORDS…to describe the concert, it was beyond anything that I have seen before and I was in Utah…Nothing or anyone can exceed what we saw with David in concert and it was so special…!!”

Pittsburgh concert highlights included “Somebody Out There” as well as “Stand By Me,” a newly resurrected favorite from the AI tour. David introduced Eyes Don’t Lie” by saying, “I guess it’s time for a little whistling.”

And then there was . David surprised everyone by introducing a new song in this solo show, a cover of Colbie Caillat’s “Bubbly.” This was a stripped-down version with just his voice and a quiet piano accompaniment by Kendra. The gentle vibrations of this song rippled out and created a huge buzz all over the internet.

Among the accolades was an article by Neon Limelight:

“There are several reasons why we adore David Archuleta. He’s a former American Idol contestant and we are nuts for Idol! He’s always humble and gracious. It’s like the kid doesn’t know he’s awesome. And probably the biggest selling point: he’s talented beyond reason. He’s done some pretty epic covers in the past and on a recent concert stop, he added to the list with a cover of Colbie Caillat’s sleeper hit single Bubbly. Perfect song choice for Archie, and his voice? Buttery good!”

David is gaining new fans as indicated by this commenter on Neon Limelight: “Very smooth and soulful. I didn’t think he had this in him. I might have to go to one of his concerts.”

The fans enjoyed the endearing randomness that only David can elicit in his newest blog. Seems like David did more sightseeing during the last few days than he has in quite a while, traveling to historic locations in Missouri and then in Ohio.

The news of a Christmas CD has been floating around for a few weeks, but this week, rumor has it that Charice will be singing on it. Charice on Twitter:

“Just done recording for @davidarchie xmas album @davidarchie I recorded something for you. You’re gonna laugh hard. LOL”

And even though it’s the middle of summer, rumors of a Christmas tour have the fanbase saving their pennies for a Christmas concert that can’t be missed!