Crushiversary / Acoustic Show

Wow, what a week – fans were treated to three solo shows, one of which was the EPIC Louisville Acoustic show.

trendingoutlineOn August 1st, we celebrated the anniversary of the release of “Crush,” with a fan push to get David and “Crush” up the chart on Twitter’s Trending Topics!

(#itsuckswhen is number ONE???)

Remember when we all watched as target=”_blank”>David listened to Crush for the first time?  It was August 1, 2008, at Z100 in New York City.  What a day that was!

David even honored those at the VIP pre-show on August 1st with a few lines of “Crush.”  Another first at that same VIP: David actually stopped singing after a few lines of “Crazy,” and reprimanded a fan for recording. “What are you doing?  Why is your phone recording?” he asked as fans gasped.  David may describe himself as “spacey,” but in reality, he seems to be totally aware of what is going on, and expects fans to follow the established rules.

The week continued with David/Demi shows in Fort Lauderdale where Kizzi took the BEST video of Zero Gravity ever and Orlando where we saw a revved up ALTNOY.  He had a few days off from touring and spent time with family at Disney World.

DavidArchie: Loved hangin’ with the family! I found and invited my 2nd cousins to the show tonight. It’s usually the other way around haha 7:23 PM Aug 2nd from txt

DavidArchie: Had a blast with my cousins at Disney World today! Went to the American Idol Experience ha ha.4:24 PM Aug 3rd from txt

Tuesday brought us a new blog.

He was excited that his Grandparents were able to come to three shows.  He looked up a cousin of his mother’s, someone she hadn’t seen in 16 years, and then invited the whole family to the show.

I didn’t even know these 2nd cousins existed until I did some research and invited them myself to the show haha. So you guys should do some research and see if you have any family members you haven’t met yet, and then let me know your stories!

Isn’t that everybody’s dream: to have David call you out of the blue, claim you as family, and be invited to his show?  LOL!

He talked about his vision of the upcoming Louisville show:

For the Kentucky show we’re going to be trying a more toned-down set of the same songs I’ve been doing, but where the audience can focus more on the music and vibe. It’ll be my first time trying something like this out, and it’s always something I’ve wanted to try.

And Louisville did not disappoint.  Even 6 ½ ” of rain in one hour the day before didn’t cancel the event.  This show at the Hard Rock Cafe replaced the cancelled David/Demi show on that same date.  Here was David’s chance to try an experiment of a small acoustic show.  Perhaps to give himself some breathing room as he tried out something new, he asked to have no recording of any kind.  So it was only those blessed 300 souls that were able to witness this event – a stripped-down, acoustic version of his songs.  He encouraged the audience to sing along and without his ear monitors, he said he could actually hear the singing. He said he liked acoustic sets he wanted it to be about the music, not about the performance. We can only hope that there will be many more of these “experiments”.

shontelleThe lovefest between David and Shontelle continued this week  on Shontelle’s website with a mention of David and his fansites, including SoulDavid by our own HelloGorgeous!

And finally, after a day without videos (fans were in withdrawal), David gives his fans two new gifts – his acoustic rendition of Desperate, and a full version of I’ll Be. Is there a week that goes by that David doesn’t gift us with something new – a blog, a series of funny twitters or a new song? Being a David fan is like having a birthday every week!