Teen Choice Awards Archudomination & OMGAshlee!

David certainly made the news this week with his three Teen Choice Awards. From

A Heartthrob in the Making: David Archuleta Scores
David Archuleta
may not have won season seven of American Idol, but that hasn’t affected his potential as teen idol. The fresh-faced 18-year-old, who released his self-titled debut album late last year, got some love from his young fans at last night’s 11th annual Teen Choice Awards in Los Angeles.

He nabbed trophies for Breakout Artist (beating out David Cook); Best Love Song (“Crush”) and Music Tour (along with Demi Lovato). Paula Abdul must be proud: The former Idol judge once told the singer, “I want to squish you! Squish your head off and dangle you from my rearview mirror”-she meant it in a good way, in case you’re wondering.”

Aceshowbiz also reported on David’s wins:

David Archuleta won big at the 11th Annual Teen Choice Awards.  The winner of “American Idol” season seven who didn’t attend the event brought home three surfboards in music field, dominating the music winners list.

David’s single “Crush” was named Choice Music Love Song, beating Beyonce Knowles’ “Halo”, Jonas Brothers’ “Lovebug”, Jesse McCartney’s “How Do You Sleep?” and Taylor Swift’s “Love Story”. Another prize, Choice Music Tour, was gained by David from his joint tour with Demi Lovato.

Completing his triple victories, David got Choice Music Breakout Artist. He won the title after facing off such heavy contenders as David Cook, Kid Cudi, Lady GaGa and Asher Roth.

And made an interesting comment about the relative succes of AI runners-up – something we fans are already well aware of:

Move over, winners. It is clear that, at least for teens, American Idol runner ups are much more interesting. In last night’s Teen Choice Awards, Adam Lambert beat Kris Allen and won the surfboard for Choice TV: Male Reality/Variety Star. He did not win the award for Choice Red Carpet Fashion Icon: Male, which went to the Jonas Brothers, who hosted the event.

David Archuleta, last year’s teenage runner up to David Cook, also beat the AI winner, this time in the Choice Music Breakout Artist category, even defeating Lady GaGa! The young performer also won the awards Best Love Song, for “Crush,” and Best Summer Tour with Demi Lovato.


No, those aren’t the real surfboards, but since David chose to perform a solo show instead of attending the Teen Choice Awards, these will have to do. Several creative TDCers created the tiny surfboards (much easier to store on the bus than the real thing!) and asked three excited girls to present them to David at the VIP.  A memorable moment for all of them!

David’s friend Ashlee joined him on tour and even joined him on stage to sing some duets.  Yes, this is the famous Ashlee of “Ohmigosh Ashlee!” fame.  How can we forget?


They sang Lean On Me in Sioux Falls on August 9th as part of David’s encores.

NEW BLOG! (text we often see in the comments of TDC)

David’s blog gave new insight into who David is – he talks about the struggles he had with losing his voice, about writing and recording, and about what fun it was to have his friend Ashlee along on tour, and barely a word about the Teen Choice Awards. David certainly makes his priorities known.

And speaking of David and Ashlee again, David twittered on Thursday, 8.13:

DavidArchieIt’s Ashlee’s last day on the road with me :(. I don’t want her to leave! It’s been way fun with her though!about 5 hours ago from txt

Well, maybe she’s leaving and maybe she’s not.  David twittered later that same day:

DavidArchieTrying to rebook Ashlee’s flight… Haha. No one wants her to leave!about 1 hour ago from txt

In related news, Paula Abdul will be leaving American Idol.  An article from Azcentral mentions her infamous remark about David:

  • Paula to 17-year-old David Archuleta in Season 7: “I want to squish you, squeeze your head off and dangle you from my rearview mirror.”

Paula may have been a bit wacky at times, but she was always entertaining!