Allergies and a New Vlog

David struggled with losing his voice and then suffered a severe bout of allergies.  He was on voice rest for several days, but was able to continue to perform through it all.  He celebrated the return of his voice with new vlog.  He rambles on about how good it is to have his buddy Ashlee with him.  He describes how they got to be friends by singing together. He even stops the video at one point and tries to find Ashlee to include her in the video, but she is off giving massages. Dang it!

Tour Wind Up and Reviews

The summer tour continued with venues in Moline, Omaha, Grand Rapids and Clarkston.  Didn’t get to Grand Rapids?  Want to experience the whole thing?  Click here and select “Play all videos.”  That emilyluarchie has done it again!

The Moline concert got a generally good review, but the writer couldn’t give David a break for being sick. In referencing Demi and David, he wrote:

They each represent two of the biggest pop music factories of the decade – the Disney Channel and “American Idol.” …His stage banter needed some work: It included “Any of you ever struggle with allergies?” after needing a water break.

On the other hand, the review at the Grand Rapids Press revealed a writer who was obviously smitten.  At, she wrote:

His voice is fantastic, a lustrous tenor with an unaffected shot of the blues, and he has a way of performing that draws people in, belying his tender age.

It was even better than Daughtry’s early solo shows, at least the one that I saw in Muskegon about a year after he was on “Idol.” I’ll get flack for this, but last night’s show was beefier, tighter, and more professional than that dismal night a few years back.

Ashlee Jensen turned 19 while still on tour with David and she got brief, on-stage rendition of Happy Birthday from her bff.

Christmas Album News

At last we have a title and a release date for the Christmas album. Christmas From the Heart will be released October 13, 2009.  Even without any cover art and its release date still two months away, this album jumped to #11 on the day of announcement on Amazon’s “Hot New Releases in Music.”

Frustration and Controversy, Final Shows

Devastating news was released on Wednesday, August 19th.  Demi Lovato was canceling the last three shows and thousands of fans cried out in despair.  For many, these final shows had been anticipated for months and there was disappointment, frustration, and even anger over why a sold-out show at a huge arena like the one in Atlantic City could be cancelled a few days before the date for any reasons other than medical or weather emergencies.

To add insult to injury, there was no clear explanation beyond “scheduling conflicts,” and worse yet, no expression of sympathy for the disappointments and inconveniences suffered by thousands by either Demi or David. The surprising silence led many to speculate that Disney had in fact instructed the artists to avoid comment.

Controversy ensued across the fan base over whether or not David should have said something – or did he? – despite the speculated “gag order.”

Fairfax, Virginia and Hershey, Pennsylvania turned out to be the final shows of the summer tour, with the canceled shows being rescheduled for October.