David Archuleta did a photo shoot with 1980s star Rick Springfield for an article on “Teen Idols Then and Now,” to appear in People’s special 35th anniversary issue. David had the distinct, um, experience of being accosted by a group of nine- to twelve-year-old girls. The promotional video took us behind the scenes and included yet another Archudorkable moment for the history books. After David sweetly said his mom was “awesome,” Rick Springfield tried to make a move on Jeffrey’s girl. What did David think? “It’s kind of awkward, I guess.” Oh David, always saying what you think. But keep doing it—it never fails to make us smile.

Speaking of smiles, David reveals that his stretchy cheeks are now back to normal. Not letting an “issued computer” get in the way of delivering us the good news, he records a target=”_blank”>video blog showing he is okay and that all is quiet on the dental front. This video also features new buddy and fellow musician Benton Paul. A Utah native and singer-songwriter who also prefers an acoustic vibe (check out one of his target=”_blank”>performances while opening for David in SLC in March), Benton was jamming with David around the time of said video. It should not surprise us if they should do some music together in the future—that is, so long as Benton can see past the unfortunate target=”_blank”>piano incident. It’s good to see that David has been having a good time while waiting for the poofiness of his mouth to B gone.

Speaking of mouths, one fan creepily told David “I reeeally like your mouth” as he travelled through Asia this spring. This disturbing fact was disclosed by David at 2:01 in a hilarious video interview. Not sure if this has already been posted, but it’s just so much fun to watch David describe weird fan encounters. And you all remember his interviewer, Yvette? That lucky girl who spent a whole day with David last spring and posted a long blog about it, noting that he was “completely made out of nothing but muscle”?

Speaking of muscle, David tweets that he has been following the P90X exercise program, in keeping with his favorite Twitter topics of music, food, and exercise. The target=”_blank”>P90X program promises a “ripped” body in 90 days! Not sure if David will stick to the regimen—he says he started it because he couldn’t be seen jogging while his cheeks were all poofed up and swollen—but oh dear, David seemed awfully happy to do P90X in his video blog. What might happen in 90 days? And are the fans ready?

David announces the Oct. 13th release of “Christmas from the Heart”

Speaking of (about) 90 days from now, we’re still a long time away from Christmas, but fans will be celebrating the holiday season early when David’s “Christmas from the Heart” is released next Tuesday, October 13th. The Salt Lake Tribune ran an excellent article interviewing David and Kurt Bestor, who arranged and produced some of the songs. The Tribune takes us inside the album production process:

Archuleta had changed in the year between recording his first album, which Bestor worked on briefly, and the new Christmas release. Before, the teen seemed bashful and reluctant to speak up. This time around, he was still polite but demanding of himself, evidenced by the five hours he invested in singing Bestor’s arrangement of “Ave Maria.” “He’s not happy unless it’s right,” Bestor said.

So exciting to see David asserting his artistic vision! “Christmas from the Heart” sounds like it will be awesome.

Speaking of “Christmas from the Heart,” Frogcooke came up with the idea of having a Twitter trending party on October 13, in order to get David’s album to the Twitter home page and promote the album. Kudos to The Most Fanatic Fans, who will do anything to help David, including doing an internet campaign together.

Speaking of working together, David is now in Nashville, Tennessee working with writers for his second pop album, currently scheduled for early next year. Oh David, you’re about to slay us with your Christmas album. And next year you plan to slay us again, just when we’re about to recover and complete our Archutherapy? Thanks a lot, David.