pureMTV,  a new blog, three rescheduled shows and a book (!)

Geesh, is there ever a dull week in DavidLand?

Jim Contiello of MTV.com proved himself to be a major ArchuFan with a series of warmly appreciative videos and articles.  Last week MTV aired the infamous Christmas caroling incident.  This week there was an article and video about the third CD.

David talked about how he was enjoying the fact that the current song writing sessions are unhurried, without a deadline. This is a luxury he didn’t have with the first album.

“It’s exciting, I don’t know when it is coming out, and that’s kinda nice!”

“I like doing different sounding stuff…they’re David songs.”

He said that he doesn’t care about creating smash hits, but rather wants to have the stories more relatable to what HE wants to talk about.

“I think people will get to know me better with these songs.”

“You can tell it’s my story, and I like that…. It’s kinda like having a conversation with a friend.”


Sigh…  Does it get any better than this?


There was a new blog this week that mentioned his talk at the Utah Women’s Conference.  At the conference, he spoke for almost an hour in an endearing stream-of-consciousness style, and to top it all off, was coaxed into singing “O Holy Night.” Of course the whole thing was captured for posterity.  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 – including O Holy Night.

From his blog:

“So last Monday I spoke at the morning session for the Utah Women’s Conference. I was the speaker for the morning session, and Laura Bush was the speaker for the afternoon session. I was a little nervous to speak when I was trying to figure out what I should say, but the more I thought about it the more I surprisingly got excited to speak. I really had a great time getting to talk about what was on my mind and share it with all the ladies who came haha.”

conferenceAn article in the Salt Lake City Tribune mentioned David’s appearance at the conference.

The blog also included the usual ArchuRandomness as he suddenly remembered that it was Halloween.

“Oh wait! Halloween is this weekend! If you guys have any cool costumes you should share! bwahahaha.”

CD reviews

Reviews for the Christmas CD continued to pour in, both favorable and tepid.

Favorable review from  Bring Da Beat Back:

“David begins Christmas From The Heart with several familiar tunes, but have no fear! I promise you he sings them not only in such a way that you’ll forget you were ever tired of them, but with such (how do you put his voice into words again?) next-to-Godliness that I simply cannot deny the fact that it is the best I’ve ever heard the songs sung.”

Oh yeah, this reviewer really gets our guy.

Tepid review from Salt Lake, the Magazine for Utah, 10/28/09

This reviewer lamented that the songs were sung in a “swoony way,” but would be good for the kids.

“The album is the perfect stocking stuffer for any American-Idol-loving, 12-year-old girl or mom.”


beautyRescheduled shows

David finished up the summer rescheduled shows in Manchester, Providence and Atlantic City and received a fab review from neonlimelight.com.  The term “minimalist” is great for David.  He’s not about flash and fluff, but about the Voice. Yeah, and he does it “so damn well.”

First up was Archuleta. Unfairly dubbed the opening act until several shows were abruptly postponed (Oh, Disney!), Archie made the most of his impressive 50-minute set. He’s a bit of a minimalist when it comes to showmanship — not a bad thing. He skips the flash and gimmicks many singers use to cover up their shortcomings and gets right to the meat of performing live — actually singing, and doing so damn well.

A Book?!?

And it looks like we will have a book to ooh and ahh over before too long.  Although the Amazon.com page says 244 pages, according to David it is still being written with a writer who is helping him gather his thoughts together. Weird that you can order it before it is finished being written!

bookDavid – the Voice, the Inspirational Speaker and now the Author!  It’s never dull in ArchuWorld haha!