Hannah Montana, a new vlog, and twitter top the news this week.

David appeared on Hannah Montana OnDemand on April 26th. This episode will also air on the Disney channel May 3rd. On the show David phones Hannah and suggests a duet. Hannah agrees and they briefly sing together before Hannah decides that she needs to keep a promise and abandons David. Yeah – that’s believable! Their duet, Wanna Know You, isn’t any great shakes, but if you listen hard you can hear that lovely voice.

The UK tour continued, and in Newcastle, on April 26, David sang “>Angels for the first time on this tour. Angels is an immensely popular song locally, and David’s version received an enthusiastic reception. The Seattle Times made mention of it.

An appearance was made on the Paul O’Grady show, ( One and Part Two), a popular UK talk show. David sang Crush with the band, and oddly enough, helped to sell sheep. You gotta love how Paul O’Grady pronounced “Crush.” It maybe wasn’t the most relaxed performance of his megahit, as he held on tightly to the microphone throughout, but David was charming and positively glowing for the interview. Mr. O’Grady seems to have a growing case of ODD. In response to a question, David admitted that he hasn’t yet seen the McFly boys go naked on stage.

After dealing with some technical difficulties, we at last got a new . David shares that he has had a couple of song-writing sessions between shows. With whom? Not yet revealed. A few excerpts:

“It’s just a lot more fun when your ideas are in the song…so that’s been fun.”

“I saw Big Ben today, that was exciting.”

“McFly puts on an awesome show!”

In answer to fan questions, yes, it really is him on twitter. “I’m down with that whole twitter wave.”

Speaking of David’s twitter, in answer to the perennial question, “What are you doing right now?” David answered, variously:

# Sorry for those who had to listen to that excruciatingly unpleasant performance last night haha… I’ll make sure that doesn’t happen again! 11:01 AM Apr 23rd from web

Editor: In reference to the AI performance of “Touch My Hand” –Ouch!

# I almost put body lotion in my hair… Woops. Good thing I checked the label. Shampoo and conditioner were 2 in 1 bottle at this hotel. 3:51 AM Apr 26th from txt

# Had a writing session today. Fun stuff! If the internet wasn’t so bad I’d post a blog. I can barely get this message out. Maybe tomorrow April 27th from web

And our friend Yvette, from Malaysia, is still processing her daylong visit with David. The latest installment of her blog is here.

Quote of the week (from twitter):

Glad to see you guys had fun watching the Paul O’Grady Show :). Fun stuff. Paul was amazingly nice. The sheep were a little frisky though. April 30th from web


David and the sheep