David’s week began with Twittering, included sightseeing, Twittering, concerts, and ended with more Twittering!

David performed three back-to-back concerts in target=”_blank”>Ipswich, target=”_blank”>Croydon, and target=”_blank”>Oxford, this week after slaying the crowds in London and Southend last weekend. It is evident that David continues to expand his performance skills and loosen up, and as he noted in this week’s blog,

I always wonder what people must be thinking watching me move lol, but I think the less you’re concerned about how strange people must think you look up on stage, the more you can just let go and get into the song. I’m trying to let myself get into that mind set more, and it’s been working :).

Back home in the states, David’s appearance on Hannah Montana and their target=”_blank”>’duet’ aired on Sunday night to great ratings. Although the song premiered on Disney Radio to fans who were disappointed that David’s solo parts were removed, David helped Hannah Montana beat the Jonas Brother’s debut that same night, forcing many to admit, David Archuleta is greater than all boy bands.

David continued his Twitter obsession and there were a few tweets that almost caused the late night TDC’ers to crash their computers, but we probably should let you look those up yourselves. He also shared some cute moments with his pal Jordin Sparks as they both Twittered about a ‘conference call’ with Newsweek that included past idol winners and other idol notables. Archie´s tweet, “It was good to hear your cheerful voice! Hope to see your face sometime soon though lol.”

It seems that everyone is Twittering and David seems to be the subject of a diverse group of Twitterers. After David was surprised to attend a The Fray concert, they tweet:

Just played the first of two highs in London town. David Archuleta stopped by after playing a show here earlier this evening. Nice guy.

Nice guy? Ya think?

From Tom’s (McFly) Twitter:

“In the toilet at Croydon listening to David Archuleta sing Angels…it’s a magical moment.”

And just to continue the David lovefest from those who haven’t been following him since Waiting on the World to Change, here are some comments taken from the McFly boards:

he was really good last night!
I only knew three of his songs, but enjoyed his whole set
he was really cute, and pitch perfect, great voice
loved everyone singing along to angels

On Wednesday night’s American Idol they featured past idol Homecoming shows. Featured was the now infamous target=”_blank”>”where did they all park’ video from May 9th, 2008, David Archuleta Day in Murray, Utah.

On a sad note, David Cook’s brother Adam lost his valiant fight against brain cancer. David sent his friend kind words of condolence. Cook ever the trouper, kept his commitment and ran the target=”_blank”>Race of Hope that same morning.

Let’s end the week with a little recommendation from David.

Absolute, The Fray.