A Week of Promos, Concerts, and Mangoes: UK Tour Ends, Arrival in Manila!

This past week’s activities included concerts and promotions on two sides of the world. During the early part of this week, David completed his successful run as McFly’s opening act in Britain. From all accounts, David made a positive impression on , McFly’s fans, and some British bloggers. “Femalefirst,” a British lifestyle blog for women, reported on May 11 that “Archuleta put on an impressive performance, showing no signs of any stage fright or shyness. The man who won over 42 million votes in American Idol clearly knows he has a talent, and shows it off well.”

Meanwhile, anticipation built for the David Archuleta/David Cook concert in Manila on Saturday, May 16. David arrived in the Philippines on May 12. The local media reported that both were mobbed at the airport:

David subsequently posted a message to Twitter upon his arrival:

“Arrived safely in the Philippines! Crazy at the airport! lots of cameras lol. I saw all the fans outside and banners! Thanks you guys!! We had a layover in Doha, Qatar. Never thought I’d ever go there or in the Middle East. Would’ve liked to wander, but maybe another time.”

David’s promotional schedule has been packed since his arrival in Manila. According to his Twitter messages, he had dinner with Cook and Sony Asia representatives on the evening of his arrival. He told fans on Twitter that he was gearing up for the coming busy days:

“Ok, let’s see if I can adjust to the time zone here and sleep early. Need to get a lot of rest for the busy schedule this week. G’night!”

David’s song, “Zero Gravity,” continued to be a popular discussion topic this past week. After one of his latter British performances in Leicester, David with a group of fans that the much buzzed-about song would hopefully be released soon. This information was a contrast to David and the band’s previous statements that the label was showing resistance toward releasing David’s version and was instead shopping the song around to other artists.

After arriving in Manila, David watched American Idol’s Final Three performance night. He commented on Twitter: “We have got a competition here! I really enjoyed watching it, and really impressed. Your opinions?” Ever the diplomat, he added that he did not favor a contestant.

In anticipation of Saturday’s concert, David appeared at many promotional events for Filipino television programs, magazines and newspapers, and radio stations. Security has been tight and guards are stationed even outside both Idols’ hotel rooms. TDC’s own Jackryan4da, who posted details about the promotional events and her unexpected encounter with David in the hotel, listed David’s itinerary on TDC.

David’s “Meet and Bye” event at the Mall of Asia on Wednesday was packed. He seemed flattered when sang for him at the of Asia event.

David perhaps didn’t have time to blog this week because of his busy schedule, but his diligent Twitter messages have kept fans informed. Among his first-time experiences this past week was trying Philippine-grown mangoes: “Wow, this mango I’m eating is really good. I don’t usually eat just a plain mango, but right now I’m really happy that I am.”

David later shared with fans that he ate two mangoes for breakfast one day. In one of this past week’s most endearing quotes, he shared on Twitter: “I’m going to explode from breakfast.”