This week’s events included the David and David Back-to-Back Concert in Manila and attendance at the American Idol Finale

What a week! After months of press buildup, David Archuleta and David Cook played back to back concerts at the Mall of Asia in Manila, Philippines, on Saturday night for a crowd of 50,000, and fans in the US set their alarms for the early (5 AM PST) cell casts.

David’s setlist included a surprise performance of target=”_blank”>Stand By Me, last performed during his AI Tour. We even got a glimpse of the pre-concert target=”_blank”>rehearsal and target=”_blank”>sound check.

For several days before the concert David appeared on Philippine Television and in press coverage alone and with David Cook. It appeared that the people of Manila couldn’t get enough of the two Season 7 American Idols.

Immediately following the concert David posted a target=”_blank”>vlog and appeared almost overwhelmed as he thanked the Philippine fans for all their support.

After the concert, television target=”_blank”>press coverage continued while a reviewer for the Manila Times, Tuesday, May 19, speaking of David Archuleta’s performance stated,

“He’s already a pro, but he still has that wide-eyed, innocent thing going, and this is no doubt part of what endears the young talent to his legions of fans.

There’s that voice, too, of course. Part matinee idol, part smooth crooner, say what you will about the kid but he sure could sing.”

During a recently released interview with MSN Entertainment while in the Philippines, David remarked,

“I definitely experimented with things on the first album and there are things I never plan on doing again, but it was a great learning experience for me. I like to try new things, and being a teenager, I don’t want to settle on just one thing.”

“It’s weird because if I wear something in public again, people will go, ‘You wore that three months ago!’ or ‘You wore that two weeks ago!’. So that’s the price of fame – you have to keep buying clothes.”

“Sometimes, if I’m singing a song I wrote, it’s more awkward to express it because it’s my own story and I don’t know if I want to express it or explain it that way.”

This week David continued his Tweets ( 43,000 followers and climbing), keeping fans informed about his activities:

May 18

# I can’t fall back asleep. Still not used to the time change I guess. So I decided to handwash a shirt :). It makes you appreciate it …about 10 hours ago from txt

On May 19 we can see this dialogue between our very own Freo and David:

# @Freofan I’m really excited! Never thought I’d get to perform in Alaska! hahaabout 3 hours ago from web in reply to Freofan

@DavidArchie Are you excited to go to Alaska soon?about 11 hours ago from web in reply to DavidArchie

On Tuesday and Wednesday, David attended the Finale of Season 8 American Idol and received coverage by MTV, Entertainment Tonight, and capped off the evening sharing a meal with friends.

And last but not least, Team Archie reports an impending release of Zero Gravity (yes!)