Archuworld took a break last week (TDCers were evidently too exhausted from their excitement at seeing David in such an intimate setting in NYC), so here’s a two-week edition.

Good Works & Cool Concerts
David started the week with an appearance at the Utah MS Foundation to present a $50,000 check from the Credit Union. Read about it in the Salt Lake Tribune. Utah Fox 13 did a nice target=”_blank”>TV interview about the event. Note that he wore the orange Crush MS bracelet that was mentioned in an earlier TDC article, Giving Back, Crush MS.

David sang target=”_blank”>Happy Birthday to Cindy Hales after the MS event. She turned 50, according to Brett. You can download the mp3 of birthday song here.

Concerts seem to be on David’s list of things to do while he is home relaxing in between tours. Regarding a No Doubt concert, he posted these via Twitter:

Gonna watch the Paramore and No Doubt concert tonight. Should be fun!5:30 PM May 25th from txt

My ears are still ringing from how loud it was at the arena haha. But going to bed now, so good night!about 21 hours ago from txtGot back from the concert. It was great! Had a lot of fun with my little sister and mom who came along hahaabout 21 hours ago from txt

Loved Paramore’s set! No Doubt is on now. Crazy cool stage!about 24 hours ago from txt

Here’s a very brief radio interview, but with some good stuff. David talks about how he’s learned to be more comfortable with moving around on the stage.

One of the highlights of the week was when David took the stage with REO Speedwagon when the band’s Can’t Stop Rockin’ Tour stopped in Salt Lake City’s Rio Tinto Stadium last Saturday night. can catch the tail-end of David and the band’s performance of “Roll With The Changes,”where David and lead singer Kevin Cronin engaged in a bit of dueling vocal riffs — priceless. Even the commentators at mj’sbigblog weighed in on David’s ever-increasing stage command and confidence.

David in the news
Future plans (working on second CD and a Christmas CD), David the entrepreneur, the fan pack, serving his mission, and here’s a great article discussing David’s philanthropy.

Tweety Bird
David currently has more than 70,000 followers on Twitter. Earlier this week there was a dearth of tweets from David, and the fans from IDF lament that he may not win the Mr. Twitter Universe contest, ha ha!

On being onstage with REO Speedwagon:

Oh man…. I forgot how much I love AOR music!

DavidArchie: Styx and REO Speedwagon concert is over now. REO Speedwagon invited me onto the stage, and had an amazing time.

Family time:

DavidArchie: with my little sister on her field trip for lunch. haha. All the little kids!

DavidArchie: Watching my other little sister play softball haha

DavidArchie: In the theater going to watch Up!!!

DavidArchie: Up was amazing!! Pixar for the win! Haha. Family is spending time with my grandpa now.


DavidArchie: Sitting in the chair getting a haircut! 2 minutes ago from web

DavidArchie: Oh awkward I just came on the radio. Haha. Done with the haircut though!

David is not only a tweeter, but the subject of tweets as well as friends, fans, and co-workers get into the act:

LisaMShepherd: David Archuleta just joined REO on stage for a few bars. He was the crowd favorite helping sing “Keep On Rollin”

Lazza1307 @tommcfly: your concert got me into david archuleta so much, i now love him =D he rocks!

tommcfly @ DavidArchie: Mate! How are you? We’re in Rio at the mo, missing having you guys on tour with us! Hope it’s all going well!

@tommcfly tweeted back @DavidArchie: dude, terminator style!

JustBusyBee: I’m hatching a plot to get David Archuleta’s Zero Gravity played on my radio station after it comes out….

Jordin tweet:

Crush by one of the most amazing people in the world: @davidarchie just came on my cd player. His album is always in rotation! Miss you

This picture made quite a splash this week…


Finally, a very appealing, very relaxed interview with David from the Daily Herald in Utah… Looks great, sounds great, is great.