(with apologies to Carole King)

Lift me, won’t you lift me above the old routine;
Make it nice, play it clean, plaidman…

When the plaidman’s testifyin’ a faithless man believes
he can sing you into paradise or bring you to your knees.
It’s a gospel kind of feelin’, a touch of Georgia slide,
a song of pure revival and a style that’s sanctified.

Plaidman, take my blues away; make my pain
the same as yours with every change you play.
Plaidman, oh plaidman.

When the plaidman’s signifyin’, and the band is windin’ low.
It’s the late night side of morning in the darkness of his soul.
He can fill a room with sadness as he fills his horn with tears.
He can cry like a fallen angel when risin’ time is near.

Plaidman take my blues away; make my pain
the same as yours with every change you play.
Oh lift me, won’t you lift me with ev’ry turn around.
Play it sweetly, take me down, oh plaidman…


For the last two weeks the buzz around David has been anticipation of his Summer Tour. And just when fans were ready to sway with the bass player, Alex, and bop their heads with Eli, the drummer, it was announced that neither would be going on tour with David this summer.  Fans were disappointed, but were soon introduced to Jerry Roe on drums and Dave Filice on bass. Early indications are that the band is meshing well with David, Mike and Kendra and willing to play along with the amateur videographers.

A little promotion in cities where David will appear has given us some new interviews:

“I just want to really define my sound as an artist and as a writer,” he said, “because I still don’t have this absolute sound that I can say, ‘This is my sound and this is who I am.’ I want to figure out how to tie all the little things I like in music together so people can say, ‘That’s David Archuleta’s sound. That’s who he is.’ It seems like with ‘American Idol,’ the fans are so diverse and I don’t really want to exclude a certain age group. I don’t want to be teenybop David Archuleta forever, but I’d like to be able to relate to as many people as I can.”    – David Archuleta to the Boston Herald

Ace Show Biz reported that David would be making two CD’s this fall, a Christmas album and his second pop music CD.

Finally it was time for the concert in Del Mar attended and reviewed by Kelly Lin, certified as officially infected with ODD.

There are few artists today that sing better live than on a recording and David Archuleta is one of them. His voice enveloped the huge arena and his high notes had me in a state of dazed puppy-dog admiration. He was emotionally connected to every song and seemed to burst with energy as he gave performance after performance with intensity and feeling.

See for yourself – target=”_blank”>You’re Eyes Don’t Lie

The very next night, in Hartford, CT, David gave an amazing performance of target=”_blank”>Apologize, by One Republic, a song he sang just a little differently on his target=”_blank”>American Idol Tour.

Now the fans have gotten the early taste of David’s set, how he might change up songs, but no one expected a completely target=”_blank”>dramatic and intriguing opening that switched from his Touch My Hand entrance during Solo Tour, to beginning with ALTNOY.   David Archuleta wowed Wachovia Arena.

David received his RAII certificate for His Gold Album and wrote about it briefly in his blog.

Today I got my RIAA certified gold plaque for my album!!! It’s so cool you guys!! What an accomplishment it is to get one of those. You see other artists’ plaques on the walls of recording studios and stuff, so to have one of my own is seriously so surreal.

Another one bites the dust, as this reviewer describes David’s Wilkes-Barre performance:

Now a year removed from his “American Idol” second-place finish, Archuleta has grown into a stage presence that can command arenas. Opening with his current hit, “A Little Too Not Over You,” he bounced all over the expansive set, gestured more confidently and sang more assuredly.

While performing at the Nassau Colliseum, David received his target=”_blank”>Gold Album Plaque.

Last night on stage at the Prudential Center in Newark, target=”_blank”>David spoke of one of the important influences to his music, Michael Jackson.

And finally, can we forget David’s complete domination of Twitter – no we can’t.