Kathy & David Archuleta

This is easily one of the most jaw-dropping segments of David Archuleta “in action” ever captured.

Even though they both happen to be favorites of mine, it is inescapable that David Archuleta and Kathy Griffin could not be more opposite kinds of people. Just seeing them together is slightly earth shattering to me. While Kathy is incisive, irreverent, quick-witted, smart-assed and cynical, David is …well, not. At all. Like, he barely even gets the jokes. I submit that if anyone who knows who David Archuleta is–including his die-hard fans–were asked what would happen if he were thrown into a room with Kathy Griffin, the answer would have been along the lines of, “she’d devour him like a mated praying mantis.”

But here’s the thing: He totally takes over. Watch what happens at 1:21. It is quite astonishing. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone turn Kathy Griffin around on herself quite as successfully as David does here, when he completely disarms her by asking her if she sings. What? Excuse me, what? His manner is charming and cool and absolutely devastating.  I’ll get nasty emails for this, but David’s assertiveness here is breathtakingly sexy. The power. The control. The sheer force of will deployed with utter nonchalance.

I guarantee you that Kathy Griffin has a new-found respect for David Archuleta, because there’s nothing she appreciates more than being bested. And she was. Oh, she was. By none other than little David Archuleta.