For months, we were teased with this…

Whetted our appetite some more…

One day at a time… (‘fess up, you had one of these in your computer, hehe)

Is it just a coincidence that David has chosen to launch his new OS on Freedom Day?






The Preview

LIVE! UNofficially (read below)


We’re in sooooooooooooo much troooooouuubbbllle…

BUT WAIT! The one & only Mothership issues this clarification!

This site is the ONLY official David Archuleta Web site.

Unfortunately, yesterday our site was compromised before we were ready to reveal it. That set us back quite a bit because we had to deal with leak before we could go live.

We are working as fast as possible to get a fantastic new site up for all of David’s fans.

Tee-hee, the filename of this pic is "patience" is NOT an offical site and is not affiliated with this site.

Ok, now my head hurts…


You’ve waited for months and it’s finally here, the new! We’re happy to be bringing you all the official news from David, some special opportunities, some content that hasn’t even been tweeted yet, and more!

No website is ever finished and we have even more planned for you. For now, be sure to sign up for our newsletter, read the FAQ, and “hang on, hang in for the ride of your lives!”

Happy 4th y’all!

ps: Have you seen this?

* “Jive-less Wonder” is a phrase coined by Becky Bain of Idolator