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Zero Gravity

Tonight was exquisite after a year of listening and heart and soul and highs and lows with David. Tonight was zero gravity.

Nothing held David down or back. He threw everything he was into every song. I cannot imagine what the last concert of this tour will be like. David is a perpetual motion machine when on stage and energy emanates from him whether he is Archustomping or perfectly still on his stool, and, it is just you and The Voice…and that momentum will grow with every concert. I sat and thought, now I know why I am on this journey…for this…for this…for the magic and music and art of David as it evolves… to live, if just for a moment, in zero gravity.

He took several pictures of the audience at the start; he said, with a grin, we were his “first.” Our stomachs plummeted in a free fall. He started us clapping; he worked the stage; he pumped his fist; he moved unreservedly punctuating his songs with spontaneous gestures. He owned us!

He sang “Somebody Out There” and it was the most delicate, poignant performance. We soared, and then floated, zero gravity.

“To Be With You.” David played keyboard and Kendra violin; her vocals were soft and complemented David perfectly, not overpowering. This piece will be played at weddings, will be a movie soundtrack. I have chills running up and down my legs and spine and to the top of my head as I recall this performance.

He loves to sing “Don’t Let Go,” he says he can really get in the song; and, when he got into that song, zero gravity.

The medley was unexpected and “I’m Yours” live, was joy, bliss, pure, lighthearted.

The band was young and a great match for David…he no longer seems so young…the drummer, Eli, has an aura that is hip, cool, Mike is in charge and fun, Alex was rawkin’ on the stage, and Kendra played flawlessly.

The set included flashing lights (changing colors) on platforms beneath the drummer and the speakers. Colors also changed behind them on a blank screen. The band’s intro to songs was fresh, fun, and unique—you can tell they have played around with the songs and changed things up.

The canned music played just before David came on stage (and before certain songs) was…someone will have the right name but I’ll describe it…new age in some ways, fertile, creative, mind expanding, relaxing yet energizing, it made you curious and excited yet calm and built to a crescendo and, then, David enters….that is the way David should be introduced—and I am in zero gravity.

And then, he sings a song that he and Mike wrote, that he has never performed or released anywhere….we are his first he says…there was total silence…the music, The Voice, the young, hip vibe, the connection, everyone in the audience knew something unique, special was happening….everyone was in “Zero Gravity.”

Touch My Hand (Merged Version)

Barriers(thanks to chicagoarchie0000)

Your Eyes Don’t Lie


Somebody Out There

My Hands

Works For Me

Waiting for Yesterday

The Medley – One, You Gotta Be, Love Song

I’m Yours

To Be With You

Don’t Let Go

Zero Gravity (Merged Version)

You Can


A Thousand Miles