Now that we’ve all seen copious videos from the first few concerts, there is no longer the slightest doubt that David is the most entertaining, charismatic, charming, adorable, and talented performer on the music scene today. What more can be said and how much more evidence does even the most resistant viewer need to see the obvious. I’ve been smiling and wiping away tears at the appropriate times for the past week. I’ve been on board since he sang “Heaven”, and I now am “in” heaven, all because of David.

Having said that, it is time to turn our attention to the revolution that is brewing around David. David is not only a Renaissance Man, he is a Revolutionary Man. He’s a “regular guy” who is not ordinary. He loves women, but does not lust after them (at least, not openly), although they lust after him. Guys, who have been relating to women and each other a certain way for centuries don’t quite know what to do with this new attitude. It’s as if the rules have changed and no one sent them the memo. He’s also friendly and respectful to other guys, which has, for some reason, raised the question about his sexual preference. After all, the rules for guy/guy behavior are very specific and limited in our culture, and being too friendly without talking about “chicks” or sports raises some flags.

David is a guy who is a living example of a better way to relate to everyone. Most men lead with their ego, not their heart. That has been the definition of masculinity forever. David does the exact opposite. David is challenging that concept, and has inspired a great deal of backlash from both men and women who are barely coping with the traditional values, much less this new stuff.

As David becomes more well known and popular, he will become more of a role model for young guys. My advise to these guys is to watch, practice and embrace the David Archuleta Revolution of decency, sincerity, genuineness and mutual respect. It’s going to become the new “street cred”.