Thank you, everyone, for participating in the nomination process for the 3rd Annual Archie Awards. There were so many nominations in some categories and fewer in others, so we took the liberty of omitting a couple of categories and posting more than 5 nominations in some categories.

Below are your choices, along with a few of our own. (Who can stick to just 5 “best” of anything when it comes to David?) Voting begins at the link at the bottom of this page. Once the votes come in, we will post a special article announcing the winners. So vote, and join the party!

Best Live Performance – Rockin the House

When David gives in to his inner rock star, watch out! Whether crooning out an R&B tune, or stompin’ through a pop/rick favorite, David’s stage performances elicit screams and dancing, and occasionally empower a whole concert hall full of jumping fans.

David Archuleta performs Elevator at Z100 NY – 10.05.2010


The Other Side Down-foxnye 12/31/2010


Jordin Sparks and David Archuleta – No Air duet  02/ 03/ 2010


David Archuleta New Year’s Eve Live – Elevator

by thop1984


David Archuleta – Zero Gravity (LIVE, HQ Oct. 2, 2010 Grand Rapids, MI)

by colbert4win

DAVID ARCHULETA NAVIDAD 2010 (MTC’s Angels in the Realm of Glory)


David Archuleta @ Regis&Kelly – GUEST MENTION, Elevator


David Archuleta – “Pat-A-Pan” (from Orla Fallon’s Celtic Christmas)


David Archuleta @ COS Promo w/ F&F – WORKS FOR ME


Best Live Performance – Heart Connection

Who among us can deny that one of the qualities we first noticed about David was his ability to touch our hearts with the sound of his voice, the expression in his eyes, and the pure emotion that he displays when he sings.

David Archuleta Be Still My Soul Rexburg

by 15263457689

David Archuleta – Angels From The Realms Of Glory Live @ Temple Square, Utah

by MisterCrett

David Archuleta performs on the 2010 Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon

by MySpaceMDA

David Archuleta Silent Night / with MOTAB 12/19/2010

by 15263457689

David Archuleta Imagine Rexburg

by 15263457689

David Archuleta @ CambioConnect/Music – MKOP/ANGELS


David Archuleta – FallingStars @ TheGroveOfAnaheim (29 Dec 2010)


Orla Fallon w/ David Archuleta – “Silent Night (Oíche Chiúin)”


Best Acapella Performance

A rascally friend of mine recently commented that when David sings a capella, there is an entire orchestra behind him. Who else will (or can) sing an impromptu song, in tune, on key, no autotune, just because his fans want him to? The one and only….

David Archuleta singing Angels acapella in Las Vegas 7/7/10


Heaven- (a capella) McAllen,TX

by jazmiin16

David Archuleta “Hope for Haiti Now”  (Prayer of the Children)

by 7pmm

David Archuleta God Bless America Deltafest

by 8throwcenter

David Archuleta- God Bless The Broken Road-Rascal Flatts-Salt Lake City

by pattycake04

David Archuleta – Fox & Friends – Maybe, I’m Amazed

by songbook5

Song of the Year
(single or album track with a 2010 release date in the U.S.)

Whether you gravitate toward the silly, the soulful, the solemn, the serious, or the sentimental, David has a song for you.  Which one?



“Who I Am”


“Something ‘Bout Love”

“Good Place”


“My Kind of Perfect”


“Falling Stars”


Most Archudorkable Moment

A self-professed dork, David seems to invite or attract the funny and the absurd. And, oh, how we love that endearing quality about him.

Asking David Archuleta to Marry Me



David Archuleta on TOSH.0 Comedy Central (Aug, 2010)


David Archuleta American Idol VIP Party


David accidently unplugs mic cord

MoTab and Archuleta swing Christmas
Salt Lake City Weekly review
Stephen Dark

Archuleta provided an admirable beacon of sincerity. Nervously gushing about his awe at being there, giving the discretest – and sweetest – little wave to friends or family in the front

David Archuleta and John Cena at the Teen Choice Awards 2010 – David Raps


Most Archudorable Moment

David & the Squirrel


David learns a new instrument, kinda


David & Jonah


Pat a Pan on Orla’s Christmas:

…when David put his hand out and hit an imaginary drum. For some reason, one of the most endearing qualities about David to me is how visual his hands are when he talks and sings. Love all his little hand gestures.

Bryan Star Interview:

When interviewed by Bryan Star, David described that lady who grabbed & tried to kiss him, and also that little grey haired grandma who came up and poked him in the arm

Blushing, fan-boying & couldn’t help himself sing-along with Alison Sudol

David Archuleta intro to Elevator, “Extra Credit”, Q92 Radio Canton, Ohio

DA & Why He Can’t Be a Judge (Regis & Kelly TOSOD Promo)

David Archuleta Valentine’s Day message 2/14/2010

Hawtest David Picture (2010 only)

Hawt. Yes, David just continues to get better-looking by the day.  Did we say hawt? See for yourselves.

Hawt David Pic #1

Hawt David Pic #2

Hawt David Pic #3

Hawt David Pic #4

Hawt David Pic #5

Hawt David Pic #6

Hawt David Pic #7

Hawt Pic #8

Cutest David Picture (2010 only)

Cute David Pic #1

Cute David Pic #2

Cute David Pic #3

Cute David Pic #4

Cute Pic #5: By Laura Seitz, Deseret News

Top David Moment of the Year

2010 was a year full of significant events for David. We seem to forget the watershed moments that David experienced this past year as we look forward to the next album, the next tour, the next appearance. Looking back on these we can be reminded that David delivered an album, a best-selling book, and some amazing and glorious performances. 

Releasing his 3rd album: “The Other Side Of Down”

Becoming a Best Selling Author with Chords of Strength

Performing with The Mormon Tabernacle Choir

Performing at A Capitol 4th

Being part of Somos el Mundo

Best David Cover of Another Artist’s Song

Fans have often remarked that when David sings a cover, it no longer belongs to the original artist. Bringing his own musical sensibilities to these songs, David clearly marks them as his own….can we coin a new word – Archuletasize?

David Archuleta HD Imagine on American Idol Season 9 Results Show


David Archuleta – Crazy – Greenville, S.C.


Jordin Sparks and David Archuleta – No Air duet  02/ 03/ 2010


David Archuleta- God Bless The Broken Road-Rascal Flatts-Salt Lake City

by pattycake04

David Archuleta – I’ll Be – MOA


David Archuleta sining Stand By Me in HD at A Capitol Fourth


David Archuleta covers TRAIN – HEY SOUL SISTER LIVE!


Best Christmas Song

When David puts his heart into a Christmas song – and he always does – there isn’t anything quite like his ability to bring tears of joy to our eyes. And how deep are the grooves your copy of Christmas From the Heart? (For those of you who are under thirty, there used to be grooves in “record albums” 🙂 )

David Archuleta @ Christmas Concert Night 1 Slideshow w/ “GesuBambino” (17 Dec 2010)


25-35 David Archuleta (HD) @ 2010 Kaleidoscope on Ice 01 IBH4C (aired 19 Dec)


Orla Fallon w/ David Archuleta – “Silent Night (Oíche Chiúin)”


David Archuleta – “Pat-A-Pan” (from Orla Fallon’s Celtic Christmas)


David Archuleta Silent Night


Los Pastores a Belen – David Archuleta w/ the MOTAB – 12/19/10


Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas: David Archuleta and Charice at The Grove 11-21-10


Best Video Blog

Funny, serious, endearing, challenging, heartfelt, enthusiastic, motivating, charming, sleepy, silly, paternalistic, thankful….these are just some of the qualities and moods of David Archuleta in a vlog.

Finishing up the albummm


I was born a ramblin’ man




Happy Halloween!


At Eman’s Studio


Best TV Appearance

There is only one thing more exciting than watching David on TV (and that is David in a live concert). The camera loves him, the in-house audience loves him, and the TV-viewing audience loves him.

David Archuleta HD Imagine on American Idol Season 9 Results Show


Teen Choice Awards 2010

A Capitol Fourth


Fox New Years Eve Live!

Tejano Music Awards

Best Bonus Track

How many times have you heard a fan say, “Oh, I love that song! Why didn’t it make the album?” As long as we keep getting extra songs and bonus tracks – either on the iTunes version, or on a foreign release or simply leaked to youtube – we’ll keep asking buying them or adding them to our listening collection. Which 2010 bonus track was your favorite?

“Nothing Else Better To Do”

“The Day After Tomorrow”

“Senseless “

“She’s Not You”

“Not A Very Good Liar”

Tweet of the Year

Oh, what can be said about David and Twitter? A perfect match, a platform made for the kind of random, interesting and hilarious thoughts – easily shared with a half million fans – that David’s amazing brain comes up with.

1. “You look a lot like Steven.” Huh? “Steven. Archuleta. Has anyone ever told you you look like Steven Archuleta?” hm.. Nope lol. 4:35 PM Dec 6th,2010

2. So I guess I look enough like me today but not enough to actually be me. People think I kind of look like David Archuleta lol. 2:27 PM Jul 10th, 2010

3. On the airplane… There are a lot of cheerleaders and volleyball players on board… Uh… lol. 5:18 PM Mar 17th, 2010

4. Now running away from all the cheerleaders and volleyball players! Ahh!! 7:17 PM Mar 17th, 2010

5. What an interesting looking bird the cassowary is. 10:02 PM Jan 27th, 2010

6. Just spent my entire flight trying to make a peacock out of a dollar. It’s pretty pathetic looking lol. Oh well at least I tried. 3:03 PM Jul 9th, 2010

7. I like how ‘What Hurts The Most’ came on the radio as I’m in the dentist chair getting worked on. 1:36 PM Jun 21st, 2010

8. “A cute little old white-haired lady comes up and pokes me. “I just needed to touch you so I could tell my granddaughters.” haha”

9. “Enrique Iglesias is on now. Man he has those girls screaming their heads off haha.” (July 29th)

10. “Getting a room organized that looks like a tornado hit it isn’t so bad once you get started. It’s actually kinda refreshing haha” (Dec. 13th)

11. “Wow, everyone in the airport is so cheerful today! Even the TSA. And I didn’t have to get pat down this time. Ah a great day lol.” (Nov. 22nd)

Most Impressive Comment from a Non-Archie

We fans just love a convert!

1. Made by someone who attended David’s concert with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir:

So David Archuleta. I won’t lie, I was extremely skeptical. Cute kid and all, but I’d be fibbing if I said I wasn’t turned off by all the teeny-bopper, American Idol hype. But about three seconds after he began to sing, I was a convert. It’s an understatement to say the boy’s got pipes. Seriously, we’re talking Josh Groban-level talent here.

2. By TJniby1026lala  on youtube.

At first I was watching this special to support Orla and Meav but as I looked at some of David’s other perfomances including this one, he really grew on me. I really like David’s Performance. I am now officially a new fan of David Archuleta.

3. John O’ Hurley at the TreeLighting @ Sacramento, CA – 07Dec 2010

What a talent! And I hope that sense of ease that he has stays with him through his entire career

4. Tony Potter Rexburg Standard Journal

What’s the lesson learned here? I guess it’s that hordes of young ladies and women falling over the pop icon with dreamy eyes and a magical voice can’t always be counted on to be irrational and lacking in real musical inclinations. It turns out, every once in a while, the hype is dead on.

5. Stephen Dark Salt lake City Weekly

Archuleta turned out to be the rarest of gifts in a season usually studied with the fake and insincere: something real, tangible and, even for a crusty old cynic like myself, touchingly recalling Christmas’ past when carols, sung with feeling, could still stir one’s heart.

Best new Fan-made Videos/Tributes in 2010

Robbie Williams & David Archuleta – Angels by xaidor

David Archuleta’s ‘Chords Of Strength: My Journey! by ArchuletaFanScene

David Archuleta 20th Birthday [HQ] by kelvinbeh06

Happy 20th Birthday David Archuleta! by DavidArchieFan171

Vulnerable Man by strangerphilosophy

David Archuleta – Senseless by pabuckie

David Archuleta – The Other Side of Down – Photoshoot (Behind the Scenes) by maaxsuel

Best or most interesting quote from Chords of Strength

1. Chords of Strength:

Sometimes it takes a miracle to reignite a person’s passion. Sometimes when you least expect it, the tables turn and that scary feeling that has taken a hold of you for so long somehow turns into hope. Call it luck, call it help from above, call it whatever you will…I definitely believe some kind of miracle was at play when my voice, for no understandable or explainable reason, started to feel better again.

2. Chords Of Strength– PG. 198 (under one of the cutest pics in the book, j’s sayin’..)

I could feel the melody soothe so many of this poor woman’s pains, and I could see the lyrics fill her heart with peace. Here was that gift again, this time coming from me to her–and in that moment I realized that performing for me would be much more than just being a good singer, and everything to do with being a good person. The bottom line is that while you’re performing it’s hard to hide who you really are. It’s all about the interpretation of the song, not just the song itself.

3. Chords of Strength–PG 193 & 194

So many things confuse me. But ‘feeling’ is a language I can understand. That’s why I connect with music so much.
Music can be so much more than entertainment. It can be an act of communion, a dialogue in sound, sacred, or soulful, happy or sad, intense or soothing; it can cover the entire spectrum of human emotions. With music we can all speak the same language and we can relate to one another’s joys and pains.

Now, the hard part – you have to choose just one in each category.


Stay tuned for the results tomorrow.