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Do you know whose AVI this is?

For a long time now, Jackryan4Da, otherwise knows as JR, has been an integral part of this site, keeping the concert pages updated almost as fast as the videos appeared on YouTube. Through thick and thin she has been here, working and commenting, creating media files and sharing her incredible ability to sniff out the best videos and audios with us.

Recently, JR accepted an invitation to be a part of our Admin Team and will be writing for us in the near future as well. We look forward to having her join us. She has been an active commenter since the NotingDavid days, and even before that she was a participant at Snarky Archies. But JR was one of the fans who also has been with David since the very beginning. Hollywood week, you ask?  No, she’s been with David since Star Search days.

I spotted David long before AI.  It was actually during his Talent Search days.  It was shown here in Manila because he was competing with an MJ sounding Pinoy kid (who eventually became the winner).  I knew then that he had sumthin’-sumthin’ going on when he belted out a soulful Who’s Lovin’ You.  Season 1 of AI, I remembered him and wondered when he will join — see how much impact and impression he left with me? 🙂  So I have been an arch angel when ODD and OTT were not fashionable terms yet haha!

Even though she was able to see David live in Manila, she has just one regret:

“Despite being here for 6D/5N — probably the longest that he has ever stayed in one venue — I, along with all Pinoy angels, have not been privileged to see him upclose in a true-blue M&G.  This remains a dream.

Welcome, JR – and thank you for the work you’ve already done to keep TDC vibrant and up-to-date on David’s performances. We look forward to your voice here on TDC.

~ Freo, Liz, Marlie, Rascal, Ronald (and now, JR!)