My anticipation for this repackaged Forevermore could rival David Archuleta’s debut album. Yeah that red CD album that took – judging by the sales of his debut single and the album itself – Archuland and other non-Archuterritories by storm.

And why??? Because of ONE music video which have tickled our fancy for some months now!

What can I say? I was smiling and giggling like a cuckoo-loco here while watching David do the Rainbow Remix. Thank God for doors and locks. Otherwise my staff would have thought I have lost it!

I know! I know! It will take some time for international fans to see it – unless released officially by the Mothership – but, believe me. After going through some terrible sessions with customers and clients and then still smile, laugh and oh be so color-me-rainbow-happy from just watching David, it’ll be worth the wait.

Thank you David’s Team, Ivory and Jake Durias for Rainbow Remix. Now I understand why David liked the remix version. Really like the percussion arrangement. Kudos Jay and special thanks to Sherwin, David’s driver while here in Manila for introducing the remix version.

There is SO SO much fun watching David in HD as all 3 Forevermore music videos are in HD format. And greater joy watching him having fun while at work. Which he certainly did with Rainbow. (I still would prefer for him to have some more meat on that body of his!)

Here’s hoping we will see and hear more of stuff like this from David upon his return. Unleash the Latino in you David! That Latin beat in you is just rearing to come out 🙂 God help us all!

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Below are pix of the re-packaged Forevermore 🙂 – CLOSE-UP GALORE!!!!

The Exterior Panel

The Interior Panel


Resistance is futile…


ps: David groovin’


And from the Mothership!


The fanbase has been complaining am killing them. So I asked David what he thought of this. Ya know what he said?!

OK some last screencaps from me 🙂


The Rainbow Shrug

jon daza ‏@JonDaza
Thank you ASAP for this! Archies, this is for you!