Okay, he was nervous, which makes his lower register a little tremulous, but he did great, he looked great, and it was a thrill to see him in his rightful place in front of a cool band performing before an appreciative audience. I’m totally diggin’ the more rocked-out feel of Crush as performed live, which has very exciting implications for what the album will sound like on tour — that is, better: more stripped-down, less over-produced. David did some really terrific studio work on his first time out (reviews are coming, people; you couldn’t possibly think I have nothing to say about the album, now, could you?) but David has always gotten to another dimension live in concert. That, of course, is the mark of a true talent, a real musician, a bona-fide performer. No studio concoction he.

It’s a pretty daunting proposition to put your first band together, rehearse for a week, and have your premiere gig be on The Tonight Show, gosh dang it. Oh my heck, considering that, the kid nailed it.