Loss and struggles at times remind us of things we take in stride. Freedom. Friendship. The air we breathe. Our ability to see, hear or smell… Or even the simple chance to stay in touch.

Being left with nothing or less of what we once had brings the value of the latter to the fore.

And that is exactly how every Arch Angel feels with David away pursuing his personal passion in life. None of us could have guessed how the simple greeting “Heeeeeeyyy! It’s David here!” could be THAT precious?

I suppose David, true to his generous form, didn’t want to risk his Archies to feel more loss than we could ever endure with his departure for a 2-year mission. We all feared the Archudrought. But that has yet to happen!

For David to take time to do SO much before he left is just a testament of how much he loves his cra-zeh fans and of how much he intends to come back to his music career. David and his team have been doing a marvelous job keeping the fanbase in a spin, literally, LOL. And at times, you get the feeling that David has gotten more buzz now than when he did TOSOD.

Is this a case of the general public finding David’s value more, now that he is on hiatus?

So, in the midst of all the gifts David left us, I never felt the need to wish for him to vlog, tweet or greet us. Not that that is wrong to do so, ok?! I of course will be one of the those who will rejoice if he ever does any of these things. I miss him BIG time! After his 38-day stay here in Manila, you can just imagine the withdrawal pains Filipino Archies had to go through (weak smile). Not simple.

But I feel that with all that he has done for us, this is one thing that should come unsolicited, unbidden, so as not to take even a sec away from his “me-time”… Am simply glad to learn that he is happy and safe in Chile… and singing!

2012 brought me to my golden years. I am a golden archie now! And I have so much to be thankful for. Despite the imperfections of and in life, I have my lovely kids, my funny family, loyal friends, health, music, laughter, career, technology, this blog, the rambunctious, cra-zeh archufam and David Archuleta — which all make life more than just existing. Thank God for these blessings.

To celebrate the occasion, let’s revisit David’s participation during the 82nd Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in 2008! 🙂

How about you, what are you thankful for?

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
~ JR

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